Top 5 Incredible Ways to Use Your Dusty Old Cellar


Space is at a premium these days; that is why land is so expensive. Demand is outstripping supply and so prices rise. This is just as true in the home. Most households find every cupboard is full to bursting point, and people have to walk sideways to get around. So what can we do when we desperately need more space? The best option is obviously an extension to our homes. The problem is paying for it. Also, there may not be any land to build on. Next we have a loft conversion. This is not as expensive as a full extension but can still cost a pretty penny to complete to a high standard.

Many people don’t realise they are standing above the most underused place in homes today, the cellar. In older properties they are damp, musty, spider filled places that usually have the entrance sealed. Nothing can be stored down there because of the moisture.

Are you aware, however, that the damp problem in your cellar can be cured? New techniques mean that property preservation specialists taking care of your home can provide you with an extra room for a fraction of the cost of home alterations.

So, assuming that your cellar has been protected against moisture ingress, what use would you make of it? Here are my five top ideas.


Yes, I know you expected me to say that as it is a logical application. However, it needs to be said. I am a lover of alcohol as are most people. The cellar need not be used only for wine, but for spirits and beer too. Imagine, your entire stock of booze organised neatly in one place. Of course, there will need to be a bar down there if you have room too.


The kids would love their own den down there. decorate with bright, primary colours and throw in a few beanbags. Most of the toys and games could find a new home down there and be out of sight.

Games Room

Everyone would love their own games room. The games played down there are obviously limited by the size of the cellar. Imagine your own snooker table in a massive room if you had one. Delicious. Most of us would have to make do with a television and games console, but that is still fabulous.

Craft Room

Is there someone in the house who would love a place to indulge in a hobby. Maybe the cellar would make a perfect sewing room for exciting projects such as patchwork quilting. Often a hobby can creep into every room of the house. Confining it to one room will make the whole house feel more spacious.


Using modern solutions, it is now easy to fit another bathroom anywhere in the house. The waste water and sewage are macerated and pumped through small pipes into the sewage system. Think about it; no more arguments or fighting for the bathroom in the mornings. Heaven.

Well, I bet by now your mind is ticking. All of that space that you thought couldn’t be used is there for the taking. The first job is to get someone down there who is not afraid of spiders; I am no good for that. Then get someone out to put a stop to the damp. The possibilities are endless after that. Thank me later.

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