10 easy ways that you can go green today

These days most homeowners are becoming aware of their waste and looking after their finances. Here are 10 ways on how you can reduce your utility bills, become more green and easy substitutions that will make a difference to your environment and your pocket.

  1. Switch it off. Switching off electrical equipment at the socket is a great way to prevent electricity drainage. LED electrical equipment is often referred to as ‘electricity vampires’ because when they are on and not being used they will be continuously draining your electricity.
  2. Have you left your phone charging? Most people own at least one item of electronic technology and are all guilty of leaving your phone, computer, iPad charging for longer then it needed. By continuously charging your technology you are firstly making your battery less affective but you are also adding unnecessary costs onto your electricity bill every time.
  3. Have you timed your heating? Won’t it be better to get out of bed and get home to a warm room instead of putting the heating on once you have gotten cold? By programming the heating to be on when you actually need it and not when you are out of the house, asleep or busy doing chores helps to reduce the heating bill and wasted heat.
  4. Paper. Although we live in an increasingly technological era, paper wastage is still a big issue and one that everyone preaches about, therefore do you really need to print it out?
  5. Recycle. Recycling is an easy change that requires little alteration to your daily life and yet helps to reduce the amount going to landfill.
  6. Hot drinks. We are all guilty of over-filling and re-boiling the kettle because we left the room for a moment. Reducing the volume of water in the kettle and the number of hot drinks you have throughout the day will help to decrease your electricity bills and carbon footprint.
  7. Smart meters. Smart meters are a new technology that the UK government is hoping to have installed at every property in the UK by the end of 2020. A smart meter is a clever device that displays your electricity and gas usage in real-time and the cost in pounds and pence. This way you can make informed decisions on energy saving measures to save you money because smart meters show you when during the day you used the most energy.
  8. Renewable technology. Investing in a renewable technology is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and generate your own electricity, heating or hot water for your home. If you aren’t sure whether you and your home would benefit from installing a renewable technology at your home then it you could arrange a visit from your local Green Deal assessor who will give your home a Green Deal assessment. The assessment will outline your homes energy efficiency with an EPC and anywhere that you could make savings and save energy.
  9. Free home insulation? Currently the UK Government has launched a variety of funding and incentives to encourage homeowners to improve their energy efficiency and uptake of renewable technologies. The simplest and easiest way to improve your home’s efficiency is by insuring that your home has the sufficient levels of insulation to prevent heat loss. You may be eligible to free insulation depending on the insulation you require and whether you fit some of the criteria but it is well worth checking out – most of the companies on the market will give you free no obligation advice on how to access the Government incentives that are suitable for you.
  10. Invest in good quality products. By investing in good quality, hard wearing clothing and accessories ensures that you save money in the long run. People are often put off by the initial cost of a more expensive item of clothing, but this is why you should view it is an investment and not an initial saving! The same can be said for women’s accessories, if you invest in a practical, stylish, waterproof oilcloth bag instead of a handbag that isn’t robust enough for continuous use then you will have saved money by the end of the year and prevented your belongs inside your bag from being damaged.

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