Simple Ways To Update Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

We spend a lot of time in our homes, especially in certain rooms and it is very easy to get bored of our surroundings. Instead of moving house or knocking down a load of walls at great expense to yourself and the environment why not check out our simple ways to update your home below.


The first thing you and others see of your house is the entrance. You will want some instant kerb appeal, and this can be pricey. Depending on your budget, you can make some simple changes that will make it look smart and clean. The first thing to tackle is your door. If the money is no object, swap the door out and buy a new one, if however you are on a bit of a budget consider sanding it down and painting it a fresh, bold new colour. Another simple win for the entrance to your house is a new set of house numbers or house name. These can be as cheap or expensive as you can afford and can really change the way your home looks to yourself and visitors. The final piece of advice for the entrance is to invest in a nice doormat. You will want something hard wearing for those winter months when snow, mud and leaves are getting dragged around. There are some great designs around, and there is something for everyone’s taste.

A blue house.

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Your bedroom is your personal domain, and arguably you spend the least amount of time there (while awake). It can have the biggest influence on your mood and give you great resting sleep. Change old curtains for new and think about installing blinds so you can block out the maximum amount of light when you need to. A cheap way to update your room is to paint old wardrobes and chest of drawers. Simply remove any handles, sand and paint, for an extra punch, replace old handles with fancy new ones. Purchase a mattress topper to update an older mattress The number one fix for your bedroom is to purchase a whole new set of bedroom linens. Pick up something that fits your taste. Why not splash the cash for a guaranteed great nights sleep.

Living Room

This is another room that benefits from a new set of curtains/blinds. If you cannot afford to buy a new sofa, you can instead pick up some nice throws to add some colour to the room. Another simple fix is to invest some money in new cushions. Again they add a splash of colour, and they add to the comfort of you and your guests. A nice new rug will finish off the room nicely and again can be as expensive as you can afford. The final touch for your living room is to add some nice fragrances. You can pick up a nice smelling plug in fragrance unit for next to nothing, or if that isn’t your still buy some nice candles or a pot of potpourri to brighten up the room.