3 Incredible New Ways That Schools Can Become More Environmentally Friendly

Bringing a green ethos into the classroom need not be a difficult task. In fact, more teachers are keen to bring environmentally-friendly efforts into the classroom. An increasing number of teachers want to ensure that the kids within their midst are aware of green efforts. By implementing green measures, they are practicing what they preach. This proves to be a useful educational tool in teaching youngsters about the importance of green principles.

Image by James Wang

Image has been provided by James Wang

Let’s take a look at some fantastic ways that your school can be more eco-friendly.

Biomass Heaters and Boilers

A biomass boiler can ensure that your school is getting the power that it needs in a more sustainable way. This eco-friendly measure is perfect for schools that want to achieve a green imitative. You can turn any natural products into fuel. Think about all of the biological products within the schools grasp. These include:


These sustainable products can then be turned into a form of energy. This is an excellent teaching tool to teach children about the importance of renewable energy. Be a leader in education. Biomass boilers for schools have seen an improvement in their carbon footprint. This means that they are paving the way for future generations. Teaching children about sustainable fuel options will lead to greater innovation in the future.

Energy Audits

One of the best ways to teach children about the environment is to have tangible evidence within your teaching tools. An energy audit can ensure that you have a solution to teaching children about eco-friendly measures. This means that you can measure how much energy is used within the school. You can measure what is used and what is wasted. What is more, the school can ensure that they are saving money too. You can ask a number of questions to your pupils:

Is there heat?
How many lights are on?
How many computers are left on at night?

Once you have determined your questions, you and your pupils can take a look at how this affects the environment as a whole. What is more, the school and board can learn from your audit. What is more, they can ensure that they are taking the right green measures to make their school more eco-friendly. Carbon footprint reduction is the name of the game after all.

Initiate a Zero-Waste Policy

Zero-waste policies mean that the school itself can be seen as an eco-friendly environment. Introducing different bins for different waste can prove to be very popular. Paper, food waste and plastics can all be recycled in different ways. Recycling proves to be a very popular of ensuring that the school is greener in its efforts. Furthermore, it teaches children about the importance of recycling as a whole.

This can be difficult to implement on a school-wide basis. But, if every classroom adopts a zero-waste policy, it could be an excellent way to save the environment on a small scale.

Schools can be green environments. Use these initiatives and see the difference.

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