How to Get a Man Cave When You Don’t Have the Space inside the Home

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If you’re looking for a place to hide from the wife and kids, consider a shed in the backyard. A shed can be easily converted into a man cave where you can relax and do manly activities like playing pool or practicing your golf swing. It can be turned into a space to do whatever it is you like as far as hobbies and activities. A shed is a great option when your home doesn’t have enough square footage to turn the basement or extra room into a man cave. You’ll have to plan out your man cave and convert the shed into a suitable space though.

The Manly Plan

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The first part of the plan should involve sketching out what you’d like to do in the shed. If it’s going to be office space, you’ll need to dedicate sections to tables and computers and other essential office equipment. A hobby that involves painting or woodworking would require benches, worktables and heavy equipment like table saws. Organize the space before you even set foot in the shed. Turn each part of the shed into a usable space that utilizes all the square footage available. With a shed, you’re not going to have unlimited space so it needs to be used wisely.

Wall Insulation and HVAC

If you plan on being out in the shed during the winter or summer, you’ll need to insulate the shed so it’s a liveable space. You don’t want your man cave to turn into an oven in the summer. That means you’ll have to insulate as well as provide a way to heat or cool the shed depending on the season. When you’re adding insulation, make sure you’re taking notes on the location of the studs. You’ll need that information when you’re hanging heavy items like a flat-screen television in your man cave.

Floors and Ceiling

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You don’t have to worry about the state of your floors unless you’re going to be inviting people over to hang out in your man cave. You could easily add a small rug to cover the floors. It’ll keep the shed from becoming too cold in the winter. The cold won’t seep through the floor to the bottom of your feet. You could decide to lay down a shabby carpet remnant or invest in a beautiful hardwood option. It would depend on the purpose of your man cave. If you’re going to be painting or using it as a wood shop, you might not want to invest in expensive flooring.

When it comes to the ceiling, you might want to hang a light fixture. A man cave will need electricity for ceiling fixtures, but that’s vital if you hope to spend time reading or watching television in the shed. If you don’t want to add air conditioning to the space, a ceiling fan might be a good alternative. Where you hang fixtures should be where you’re going to add tables. This is especially true regarding a poker table. A pendant fixture will make it easier to see your friends while playing poker.

Decor and Furniture


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Once you have the walls, floors, ceiling, electricity and HVAC figured, you’ll be ready to bring in your own style to the space. This is your man cave, so you can decorate it in any style that you like. You don’t have to worry about your wife or partner not loving the decor. You could decorate it in a hunter, sports or game theme if you like. Add in a pool table, a home theatre system or a huge bar for drinks. All the choices are up to you since this is your man cave space.

A man cave fashioned from a shed is a great way to add in a special room for yourself in a house that might not be equipped to provide extras. It might be filled up with the kids and your partner, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up a space of your own. You’ll have to create it in a unique way.