4 Reasons To Spend More But Buy Less


There’s a terrible amount of waste in the world these days. And, if you are environmentally conscious, you have a responsibility to do your bit to cut that waste. One of the best ways of getting started is to spend more money on quality, and just buy less ‘stuff’. Here are five reasons you should spend more on high-quality goods, and stop buying so much tat.

You’ll ease the pressure on landfill

Our landfill sites in this country are close to breaking point – and we are just running out of room to store our rubbish. One of the biggest contributors is the enormous amount of cheap goods that we buy. Poorly made plastic toys, clothes, and anything else you can think of just get cast aside and left. When you bear in mind the amount of time it takes for these shoddy products to break down, it’s a scary thought. Some plastics, for example, are almost guaranteed to outlive the human race. Invest in products that will last a lifetime – or longer – and you will help to reduce that enormous pressure on our landfill sites.

It makes economic sense

Although it might seem less expensive to buy cheap goods – is it? The money you save will soon be spent when you have to buy replacements. Longevity should always be on your mind when making any purchase. Let’s say you are in the market for a new mattress. You might go for something like a double mattress from John Ryan by Design, which costs double what you would pay for an inferior make. But, if you have to replace that mattress three or four times over the lifetime of the more expensive one, it makes no sense at all. Save your money and always go for quality over quantity.

It’s more ethical

Cheap clothing often costs as little as it does because of exploitation. It’s as simple as that. You have to be so careful when you buy clothes these days, and it is almost impossible to find out how, where, and by whom they were made. Can you guarantee that your £2.50 T-shirt wasn’t made by a seven-year-old in a sweatshop? There’s a similar principle for the food that we buy. If you’re a meat eater, surely it’s worth paying a little extra if you can guarantee the animal you are eating had a healthy and good life?

It’s easier

Some people think it’s hard to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s simpler by far – the less stuff you have, the less time you will spend tidying and cleaning it. And, if that stuff is of particularly poor quality, it still needs maintaining. Do you want to spend the rest of your life fixing up inferior products? No, we thought not! Not only will it help you keep on top of your home, but buying less will free up your time to spend with your family and friends. Which is far more important, in our eyes!

So – have we persuaded you? Let us know in the comments section below!