Green Homes for a Better Future

As a conscientious consumer I have always tried to lessen my impact on the environment and contribute positively in anyway I can by making my home as green as possible. My research has led me to some surprising findings, namely, that not only are there incredibly simple steps one can take to be more green, but that pioneering examples of environmentalism can be found among modern technology available to consumers such as you and I.

Space Savers

One of the easiest ways to lessen your impact on the environment is by opting to live in smaller accommodation. The fewer rooms you have, the less energy will be used to heat the space and therefore less fuels are consumed and less money is spent. However, the problem with living in a small space is that it can be difficult to enjoy all mod-cons as they just won’t fit into your abode. This is certainly what I believed, and then I found this: the Bedstar TV Bed. As the name suggests, the bed combines an extremely comfortable bed frame and mattress with a flat-screen television, which is stored in a space-saving compartment. This is ideal for those who are keen to assist the environment without compromising on technology and entertainment.

It’s Fun Being Green

A misconception that many people have is that being green is boring, when it is in fact one of the most exciting things you can be! There are so many gadgets on the market that make being environmentally aware easier than ever before whilst adding a bit of fun to your home. One of my favourite finds is the M&S Blok Hi-Fi, which is made using sustainable bamboo and recyclable aluminium. As an avid music lover, I adore the fact that I can combine my passion for music with a green gadget for my home.

Green Applicances

By switching everyday compliances for greener alternatives, you can help save the environment one day at a time. Tea and coffee addicts should think about investing in an energy efficient kettle with a one-cup indicator which will help to avoid water wastage and unnecessary energy usage from over-filling the kettle. If you have a large family and an ever-increasing pile of ironing to do, swap your old iron for a more efficient model such as the Morphy Richards Eco Steam Iron which relies on optimum steam to keep clothes wrinkle free and only heats the water needed each time.