5 Fun Things to Do in Heathrow

Heath Row was a quaint little village before it was demolished to make way for what is today the UK’s sole hub airport. Situated just five miles west of London, Heathrow is one place that sees huge volumes of tourists. It is an enchanting region that offers visitors a memorable experience of the locales. If you are travelling to London for your next vacation or business meeting, make sure you look for Heathrow Airport budget hotels. These Park and Fly Hotels near Heathrow Airport offer you a comfortable stay without burning a hole in your pocket. What this also means that you have more money to sightsee and shop.

Exploring Heathrow by Fun-O-Meter

Once you’ve finalized the Heathrow Airport budget hotel you like, such as Master Robert Hotel, which offers you all the modern amenities without charging exorbitantly for them, you need to plan your itinerary for your stay.

So, let’s get started and rate Heathrow on our Fun-o-Meter.

  • Amusement Park: On the amusement parks ratings, Heathrow scores exceedingly well. There is an excellent theme park for Lego lovers, known as Legoland. You can also visit Thorpe Park, famous for its hair-raising rides, Hompton Court Palace, Chessington World of Adventure and Kew Gardens. These parks never cease to entertain visitors.
  • Sports: For all the sports enthusiasts, this place will never give you a dull moment. Don’t believe us? Well, some names will be enough to raise your excitement level, such as Wimbledon, the Royal Windsor race course, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and the Ascot race course. So, regardless of which sport you are a fan of, you have enough choice to keep the excitement levels high.
  • Tourist Hangout Destination: Our Fun-O-Meter zings to the top when we rate this place as a tourist hangout destination.  You will find the world’s largest and oldest inhabited castle, Windsor Castle, which is also the Queen’s favourite weekend dwelling. Apart from this, make sure you visit Savill Garden, These tourist destinations offer a variety of experiences and explain the crowds one witnesses here in any season.
  • Parks: Parks play a significant role in beautifying the milieu and literally giving us a breath of fresh air. You can spend lot of quality time with your friends and family exploring the serenity of nature. There is Black Park, Windsor Great Park, Richmond Park and more. Let off steam on the cycling and trekking tracks here or just enjoy some relaxing, quality time with loved ones.

Apart from these, there are ample opportunities for adventure sports like golf, horseback riding, squash, water skiing and wind surfing. Visitors from Middlesex flock in large numbers to enjoy the culture and thrill that Heathrow offers. So, make sure you make a list of fun activities you will try out as soon as you book yourself into a Park and Fly hotels at Heathrow Airport or find a similar venue near Gatwick if that’s your destination. All you need is a little advance planning and time management to make your stay at Heathrow a memorable one!

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