5 Green Ideas that can Bring Nature into the Home

A home without nature is bland, cold and lacking in colour. Bringing in nature to the inside of the home can turn the look & feel around, giving it the liveliness and flush of the outside.

There are many reasons why you should bring nature into your home:

  • Plants and flowers can liven up a room, adding a touch of brightness and cheer.
  • Plants create oxygen and purify the air, adding not just to the look, but also to the overall feel of cleanliness.
  • Their natural aromas will sweeten the space, while other plants such as herbs, are all the more practical and can be used for cooking.
  • Last but not least, greenery can be an important aesthetic element in any interior design for its natural colours and the way they can cause an impact in any design.

That being said, we came up with a few great ideas that can help you bring the green of nature into your home:

  • Create a Herb Garden in the Kitchen

This idea is the most practical of the bunch: by creating a small herb garden in your kitchen, you get to enjoy delicious, fresh herbs ready for the picking. You can buy ready-to-pick herbs and place them in cute pots or come up with a system that works with your kitchen spacing. They should get enough lighting to continue growing and of course, should be watered frequently.

  • Bring in Potted Plants

Bring your favourite, most lively plants and flowers from the outside by placing them in beautiful flower pots. Fibreglass planters are a great option as they are sturdy, resilient and low weight. They range in sizes so they can handle bigger plants. We especially like them because there is less danger of them being tipped over by playful children. Plus, they look very elegant and fit the inside décor flawlessly.

  • Moss Furniture & Pieces

This is a recent fad and we are loving it. Talented designers are creating furniture that grows moss in intricate patterns and forms uniquely stunning art pieces. Whether they are moss frames, a soft moss bathmat, moss walls, tables or even room dividers, these all add a bright green, deliciously aromatic element to the home. DeMilked has rounded up some of the most stunning pieces created

  • Create an indoor garden

If you have the space for it, a small indoor garden can be a fun way to bring the outside in and enjoy an area of rest. Select the perfect location, place grass, bushes trees or other plants and enjoy the comfort of having a garden that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather. It’s great for kids to enjoy during the cold winter and it can make the home feel spacy.

  • Spare a tree

Architects and home owners who did not want to destroy trees in the territory did something spectacular – they integrated the tree into their home. By creating a glass casing around the tree, they kept the tree as is and made it a part of the beautiful interior elements of the home. However, this should only be done with the assistance of a professional to ensure that the roots won’t destroy the flooring or home’s stability.

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