Ways To Use Nature To Inspire Your Interiors

These days people are not only making their homes greener, but they are also using the natural world as their inspiration for the way they decorate their interiors. We are seeing more and more natural colours and patterns creeping from the outdoors on to our walls, furniture and furnishings. Indoor gardens full of herb, fruit and vegetable plants are also becoming popular as people without outdoor space refuse to be held back. If you love the thought of using nature to inspire your interior design projects, then take a look at these wonderful decor ideas.

Choosing Natural Materials

Natural materials can be used throughout the home. Their rustic, untreated appearance adds character and interest to your interiors. There are so many natural materials to choose from including wood, bamboo, stones, shells and many, many more. Wooden dining tables, bamboo blinds, and shells used to decorate bathroom walls are just some of the ways you can incorporate natural materials into your home.

Brightening it Up!

The use of colour is another excellent way to bring the outdoors in. Paint colours in moss green, lavender, sand and ocean blue are all great shades for your walls. If you want to reflect the vibrancy of summer flowers in your home, accessories in sunflower yellow and fuchsia pink would look gorgeous. If you like this idea, take a look at this website http://www.rooi.com/ for a range of brightly coloured home accessories.

Going Wild

Pictures of landscapes and wildlife around your home will echo your love of everything natural. Paintings of seasides, fields or forests will look beautiful on your walls, as will photographs of animals, plants and flowers. For a personal touch, it would be a lovely idea to take photos or paint images of the wildlife you find in your garden or local park. This will also strengthen the link between your home and garden.

A pair of house plants sitting near a window.

Image: Eelke

Bringing plants and flowers indoors will further blur the division between your home and the environment. There are a number of plants that thrive indoors. These add different colours and textures into your rooms. There are also a number of herbs, vegetable and fruit plants that can easily be grown indoors. You can create your own veggie patch in sunny corners of your home or on window sills.

Getting Some Shade

Blinds and curtains made from delicate materials will create less of a divide between your home and outdoors. Thick window coverings block the view and the light. Opt for floaty, fine materials that minimise the effect on your view of the outdoors and allow plenty of sunlight to flood into your rooms.

Natural Patterns

Patterns that are found in nature such as animal print, bark and leaf veins are often used to inspire the design of wallpaper, upholstery, rugs and many other furnishings. Keep your eyes peeled for these items or do a specific search online next time you are updating your home accessories.

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Nature is beautiful. It is no wonder that so many people are using many elements of it to inspire their home decor. Thanks for reading.