5 Things to Consider While Organizing a Business Conference in Edinburgh

An official meeting calls for detailed organizing and planning, since the reputation and brand of the company is at stake. So, if you have been entrusted with the job of organizing a conference for your company, make sure you leave no stone unturned to make it a success. Here is a checklist of steps you should take to ensure success.

Checklist for a Successful Business Meeting

The venue plays a crucial role in a business meeting, so if your budget permits it, book one of the good 3 star hotels in Edinburgh, like Piries Hotel, which offers you comfortable stay for the participants as well as all the amenities you need for a conference.

A business hotel in Edinburgh should ensure that everything you need is easily taken care off. For all other important pointers, go through our checklist.

  • Creating an organizing structure: Decide on the team members who will help you accomplish the task and then divide the work and create an organizing committee.
  • Allocating budget: Get a rough estimate of the budget from each part of the organizing committee. Now, analyze their requirements and, based upon the real budget allocated to you, assign individual budgets for each task.
  • Planning the meeting: Decide on the venue. Ensure connectivity to Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh Train Station, for the convenience of the participants. Like EICC in Edinburgh, the venue must be well equipped with all the requirements. You can also choose a venue near Edinburgh City Centre, which will bring to in close proximity to all the facilities needed. Next, you must decide upon the speakers, the guest list, the topics to be addressed and the format of the programme.
  • Arranging the logistics: Make a list of all the equipment you will need and make sure they are available at the venue well in advance, such as audio-visual aids, etc. Also arrange for accommodation, meals, transportation facilities, etc.
  • Publicizing the meeting: Based upon the participants, decide on the promotional activities for the event. For instance, if it is an internal meeting, then a formal invitation must be sent, mentioning the venue, speakers, agenda, time and date. If you expect external attendees, then it must be promoted well to ensure maximum registrations.
  • Crisis management team: Always be prepared for the worst. This way you can be prepared to deal with any sort of contingency arising out of factors like logistics, management or any other issue.
  • Planning a time-out: Make sure you keep your guests fresh and active to absorb the information. To ensure this, based upon the kind of meeting, arrange for a time-out. If it is internal and is for a day or two, you can arrange for a cultural programme or a cocktail dinner. However, if it is an external conference, extending for 3-5 days, you make provisions for sight-seeing. Depending upon individual interests, one can opt for an exciting rugby match at Murray Field Stadium in Edinburgh or a visit to the Edinburgh Zoo.
  • Feedback & evaluation: It is important to collect feedback after the event is over. This will help you evaluate your performance and evolve.

Don’t forget to book accommodation as well as the venue well in time at 3 star hotels in Edinburgh. This will help you avoid any last minute hiccups. Business hotels in Edinburgh offer good connectivity to various destinations, such as the airport, city centre and Haymarket train station in Edinburgh.

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