Perfect Wedding Venues near Northampton

Whether you are looking for wedding venues near Northampton or party venues near Northampton for a private or corporate event, the first step in event planning is to find the right venue. There are several factors to consider for finding the perfect venue. By following a few simple tips, event planning in London can be an enjoyable experience.

How to Choose the Perfect Setting for Your Event

Selecting a facility for a wedding, corporate party, or private celebration doesn’t have to be stressful, if you take the time to consider a few elements, such as the location, menu options, and having enough space to comfortably fit your guests. When comparing wedding venues near Northampton, Holiday Inn Northampton West offers beautiful facilities, quality service and packages to fit any budget.

Look for a Convenient Location

The location is a key factor to consider when looking for Christmas party & birthday party venues near Northampton.  Guests or business associates traveling to your meeting, party, or wedding reception will appreciate a location that is easily accessible by major roads, public transportation, and has enough available parking to accommodate their vehicles.

Space to Accommodate Your Guests

The venue should have enough space to comfortably fit your guests and the space should be able to accommodate the needs of your event. For example, a party may need enough space for guests, as well as a dance area. A corporate event should be held in a meeting room with enough room for the attendees, speaker, and any displays that may be required for the conference or presentation. Ask about the options available for the layout of the room to ensure that the site is suitable for your needs.

Menu Options

Event planning is certainly easier when the venue provides food and beverage packages. Be sure that the facility you are considering offers the type of food and service you require. If you are planning a wedding, do you want buffet or sit down dinner? If it is a corporate event, what options are available for lunches or snacks? Choose a facility that offers the level of service your event requires and ask questions before booking to avoid disappointment.

Facilities and Equipment

Often, events require specific equipment for presentations, video displays, or music. Special events near Northampton may require different equipment, depending on the type of event. A business conference may require a projector, microphone, or other equipment for presentations. Ask for a list of available equipment and clarify that they have everything that is needed for your event.