Things To Remember When Briefing Your Architect About A New House


Planning and building your own home is one of the most exciting projects to undertake. You will probably go into debt to accomplish it, so the building must suit your needs or what is the point?


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Though we can all sketch a house and floor plan with a pencil and paper, it is the architect that brings those sketches to life. You must find a trustworthy and accredited person to draw up the plans for you. Personal recommendation is an ideal way of finding them, but there are companies that use many designers. They build on their reputation, and many heads are better than one. I prefer to deal with the big companies.

You might already have found the perfect location for your house. It could be a new development with land lots selling fast. Select your plot and take the details to your architect to make sure it is suitable. They will tell you if it is suitable. You might not have seen that the orientation is not favourable, for example. It is always best to get an expert opinion. When you get the go ahead, buy the plot.

Now your designer must come up with a stunning home where you can put down roots and spend the rest of your life. Here are some of things you ought to tell them.


The home must be cheap to run. It is kind to the environment and your bank balance. There are a few ways you can achieve it.

  • Insulate the home beyond the legal requirements. You can never have too much insulation.

  • Make sure that the boiler rates high for efficiency. It is this appliance that consumes much of the fuel we use in the home.

  • Include solar panels in the design. They could supply all of your electricity needs and give a profit from the sale of power that you do not use.


The style of the home is a personal choice. Sometimes it is difficult to describe what you are looking for, so take pictures from some magazines or make sketches. You might see a house elsewhere with which you fall in love. Always keep a camera to hand. The designers are talented people, and they will take elements from many other homes to create the house of your dreams.


Give them a drawing of the layout as you see it in your mind. They will work from that sketch and alter things where necessary. Sometimes they might change things for structural reasons, but they will come up with the best compromise for you.


Let us not forget the financial constraints. Your build might rely on a mortgage. Since you do not have endless funds, it is vital that the project comes in on time and within budget. Any mistakes could be disastrous, so set spending limits.


Tell them when you want to move into the building because they tend to drag their feet if you don’t. Even when you set the timescale, expect long delays from the builders. Nothing ever goes to plan in the construction world.

While the house is going up, time will go slowly. Looking back on the project you will realise that it was all over very quickly, Its a bit like waiting for Christmas, but the wait is worth it.

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