7 Eco Tips to Reinvent Your Large Holiday Home

7 Eco Tips to Reinvent Your Large Holiday HomeTaking a leave off from work and going on a vacation for several days is one way to refresh your mind, eliminate every day stress and escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. But, old ancient holiday home might be keeping you from enjoying your vacation. It’s time to reinvent your holiday destination into an eco-friendly, relaxing space. Here are some tips on how to do that…

Avoid Heating or Cooling Rooms Too Much

When you’re on a vacation, chances are you’d be away from your house about 60% of the time. You might be tempted to leave the air conditioning system or the heater on while you’re out exploring the countryside and come home to a cool or warm place. This is a total waste of energy. Reduce your carbon footprint by making a little sacrifice.

Switch to Solar Power

If you really want a cool or warm space, you can opt to have solar power installed in your home. Unlike before, converting your electrical system into a solar powered one won’t cost you as much. Although the initial costs might be a little stiff for some owners, the savings you are going to generate from this sustainable system will be far greater than set-up costs. With your large holiday home, you’ll surely welcome the big savings.

Make Your Windows Larger

Big windows mean more light. Instead of using electricity, you can welcome natural light into your abode. You might also think of knocking down walls to save on energy bills as well. For example, modern holiday home designs fuse the kitchen, the dining room and the living space together to create an impression of a larger place. With that, you can have larger windows installed as well, using natural light and only turning on the lamps when needed.

Take Advantage of Awnings

Large windows could mean more heat as well. With sunlight streaming in, expect your home to be warmer than usual. Don’t worry, as there’s no need to use air conditioning just yet. Awnings magically let you control the heat without sacrificing the amount of natural light coming in. You can still enjoy sustainable, natural lighting and a cooler house with them.

Use Rainwater for Household Cleaning

Treated water can be expensive. Imagine the amount of water you use every day to clean your home or flush the toilet. You can harvest rainwater and store it safely with the use of tanks. Ask from the locals about having one installed or you can just scour the Internet for contractors who can install these tanks.

Check Insulation

Gaps in windows and doors can make your air conditioning or heating system work twice as hard, consuming more energy in the process. Make sure to replace old doors and windows that have double lining to ensure that energy is not wasted.

Use Recycling Bins

Separate your wastes appropriately: non-biodegradable from biodegradable trash, or set up bins to separate glass, paper, cans and food. Make sure to check the local waste collection schedule. Teach your children and guests to properly dispose their wastes as well.

Following these eco-friendly reminders will not only help you reduce your holiday home’s carbon emissions, but also a great way to save on energy and water bills as well as enjoy a truly relaxing vacation.

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