What Is the Best Way to Dispose of an Old Mobile Phone?

Many older model cell phones stacked up together.

Many of us now have old mobile phones that we no longer want. The problem is around how exactly we can get rid of these devices without harming the environment.

It is well known that the different chemicals and components in phones are potentially very harmful, so just throwing your old one out isn’t an option. Thankfully, there are some other ideas worth thinking about instead.

Sell It

By selling your phone you achieve a number of good things. For a start, you will get some money for it rather than just writing it off. You will also pass it on to a new owner rather than just throw it away. You could try and find a buyer for your old phone but the easiest approach is to sell it to a mobile phone recycling site instead. In this way, you get to recycle mobile phones safely and quickly every time that you want to change to a new model. You might also find that the money you get paid for your unwanted phone helps you to buy a better new one when you go shopping for one. If you have never done this before why not look through your home and see if you have got more than one old mobile phone to sell? The more you find the more money you can expect to earn from selling them.

Give it To Charity

Another option for recycling your phone in a responsible manner is to give it to a charity. This is a way to feel good about taking care of the planet and also helping out with a worthwhile charity cause. Typically, the charity will use the money from the phone you donate for one of their projects. What you might not realise is that you can donate a phone in this way even if it is broken. In fact, the last point about selling it directly also applies to phones that have seen better days are now are no longer in perfect working order. Charities can also help you to recycle other difficult items such as printer cartridges if you don’t know what to do with them.  A quick online search will how you which local charities can help you with recycling and how to do it.

Give It to a Friend

Another easy way to get rid of your old phone without harming the planet is to look for a friend that wants a phone. You probably know someone who would happily use your old phone instead of their current one. This is a great way to help someone out and let them enjoy a better phone than they can perhaps otherwise afford. As with any type of phone recycling it is important to make sure that you wipe any personal details off it before you hand it over. Once you have done this you can give it to the new owner without any problems. This method means that the phone will still give someone some faithful service in the future.