Clear Your land And Make It Work For You – Here’s How

There are hundreds of thousands of gardens that are underused across the country. Those with large areas of land often have no idea of its potential. There is much you can to with the wasteland that can save, or even make you money.


Image courtesy of Jennifer C

If that is striking a chord with you, read on. Now that many people are finding times very hard and being forced to account for every penny, maybe there is something here for you. You will find some ideas that you have never considered for your land that will be beneficial to you.

Draw A Plan

Your first task is to measure the perimeter of the area accurately and draw a plan to scale. When you can see the plot on paper, you can begin thinking of how to use it. Whatever purpose you have in mind, the next step is junk removal. If the land is in a real mess, you may need to hire a container or skip and keep it on the site until you have finished the clearance.

Ideas For Use

If you wish to become more self sufficient, the land could be used for growing food and keeping animals. For vegetables, prepare the soil correctly. You must dig it over to aerate it and add compost or fertiliser to bring in much needed nutrients for the plants. The chances are that the ground is very hard if it hasn’t been used for a long time. Hire a rotavator to break it up before digging it and turning it over with a spade in the traditional way. If the soil is in poor condition, or if there is very little of it, have a lorry load of high quality topsoil delivered to your door. The secret to a big healthy crop is all in the soil preparation.

If you live in a large town or city and are not keen on self sufficiency, think about providing a few much needed car parking spaces and rent them to people for an annual fee. Traffic wardens are quick to pounce on illegally parked cars, and there is often a shortage of spaces. People who must drive to work will be happy to pay for a convenient space near to their place of employment. When you provide hard standing, maybe tarmac or concrete, with parking bays marked on it, there is no more work to do. Your few spaces will keep bringing in money for many years. It is probably a good idea for you to investigate insurance to cover the vehicles while they are on your property in case of fire or damage.

Caravans are more desirable today than at any time before. Many people who own them have to leave them in storage when they are not in use. It can cost over ten pounds a week to keep the caravan in storage so why not have a slice of the pie for yourself? Hard standing, secure caravan storage facilities are always in demand, and there is sure to be someone local to you who will appreciate somewhere near to their homes where they can store their caravan. As mentioned earlier, check out proper insurance.

So you can make money from unused land if you are willing to make the effort. It will bring in some extra cash that you can use for a holiday or some other leisure activity. I bet you are looking out of the window right now. How many cars could you fit in there?

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