Global Environmentalism

The biggest problem facing environmentalists today is the fact that a lot of pollution and c02 emissions come from developing countries. Even if the UK was blasted off the face of the earth and produced zero emissions, it wouldn’t stop global warming because the Uk produces less than 2% of the world’s c02 emissions. This information can be quite disheartening for activists.

What then is the solution? Do we just shrug our shoulders and say the world is going to be ruined and we can’t do a thing about it? There’s no point trying to force foreign governments to do things they don’t want to do, this just leads to accusations of imperialism and political tensions. The change needs to come from within each of the world’s nations.

My Interest in the Environment

How did you become interested in environmentalism? Probably the same way anyone becomes aware of the issues the world faces; such as global warming, rising sea levels, polluted rivers and local air pollution – by reading about it.

The key to making sure the entire world is on board for the environmentalist trip, is translation services. China is responsible for more than a quarter of all the world’s carbon emissions, so a great way to help reduce global warming is to translate the environmentalist literature into Chinese. If the Chinese public start to become more eco-conscious then they can alter their consumer habits and business practices to help reduce global c02 emissions. They can also put more pressure on their government to put legislation in place that ensures targets are met and attitudes are changed.

If you are involved in activist work and want to distribute eco-literature that will have a positive impact in China then you should invest in Mandarin translation services. Get the facts that changed your mind translated so that others can also be persuaded. India is responsible for almost 7% of the world’s c02 emissions so it is also a great idea to think about translating information about pollution into Indian languages like Hindi and Tamil.

The cost of professional translation is negligible when you consider the serious environmental issues the world faces. Getting the whole world on the same page, environmentally, is one of the most important things environmentalists and eco-warriors should be working toward in the 21st century and translation is a central to this struggle.

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