Eco Considerations for Bifolding Doors

Fitting bifolding doors really creates a new interior environment in a way that few other architectural features do in domestic situations. Particularly suited to open plan living, when kitchens, lounges and dining rooms are all mixed up, bifolding doors also incorporate the outdoors into the living quarters. With the best designs, they are not just a feature that is great in the summer, when they are opened, but a provide a fuller rear-view aspect on a year round basis. However, installing a set of bifolding doors may make you think twice in terms of how ecologically sound they are. After all, glazing is never going to be as effective as bricks and mortar when it comes to heating costs. What should the ecologically conscious consumer bear in mind when they are considering buying a set?

Thermal Insulation

One of the most important things to consider with bifolding doors is the glazing that you can select. Of course, double glazing is pretty much a given so that large amounts of heat are not wasted through the door when you have the central heating on over winter. Given where you live, you may like to consider triple glazing options, as well. Basically, the further north you live, the greater the argument for taking on triple glazed doors becomes. However, in the summer, when your heating is used much less, the need for triple glazed panels is not so great. When the doors are opened, it does not matter if they are single, double or triple glazed, after all. As such, simply fitting heavy lined curtains in front of double glazed bifolding doors can be enough to help you to trap heat inside in winter without the need for an additional pane of glass.

Solar Control Glazing

Along with trapping heat inside, bifolding doors need to be able to prevent overheating inside during the summer. Just like a greenhouse, a room with large sections given over to glazing can soon get too hot if there is insufficient airflow. However, leaving bifolding doors partially opened during the summer is not always possible, especially when you consider security concerns and installing air conditioning certainly has an ecological cost. Therefore, it is always advisable to select glazing with solar control. Curtains fitted to trap heat in winter can get in the way during the summer months when you want the light to flood in, but not the heat. Solar control glazing in bifolding doors overcomes this problem. Especially useful for owner of south-facing homes, finding a supplier who can fit doors with this solar technology will be a big help and mean that overheating does not become a problem once they are installed.

Material Cost

A large proportion of bifolding doors sold in the UK are made from uPVC. Indeed, a surprising amount are still sold with frames that are made from hardwood. Both of these materials have an eco consideration which you need to weigh up before buying. Obviously, any hardwood that is used should come from a sustainable forest but another alternative option to think about is bifolding doors with aluminium frames. Glazed doors have a well-deserved reputation for their reliable functionality and can be extremely long-lived meaning that their initial carbon cost is spread out over extremely long periods. It is also worth noting that they can usually be painted to match your other window frames or interior design, depending on your preference.