Building Guest Quarters from Shipping Containers

Sometimes it seems that no matter how big our homes are, there is never enough space, which can be especially true if you regularly have guests staying over. We would all like to upgrade our home to something bigger, but sometimes this is not possible due to financial circumstances.

So what are the options open to you if you need to create additional space in your home? If you do not want to move but want to make more space then you can either extend your home or even build a separate guest bungalow, which you can also utilise for additional storage.

Using traditional building materials and techniques can be very time consuming and expensive. An excellent alternative, which is becoming increasingly popular, is to use recycled shipping containers to build the main framework of your structure. You may think that this would not make an attractive or practical building, but the end results may just surprise you!

Shipping Containers, A Sturdy and Practical Solution

If you want to build a granny flat or bungalow on your property, one of the great things about using shipping containers for your frame is the ease and speed that you can erect them. The larger shipping containers are 40 foot long, and these can be joined together in all manner of configurations, which includes making multiple storeys, if required.

If you were looking to create a structure using anywhere up to 10 shipping containers, you would most likely be looking at having the main structure connected together within a day or two.

You will still require foundations for your structure, and you will have to make sure that the building adheres to your local building codes. But one great thing about using shipping containers to build in Australia as the local council’s class them as a temporary structure, similar to a garden shed, so planning permission is easily acquired.

With the price of second-hand shipping containers being relatively cheap, they can be good quality alternatives to traditional buildings, with overall costs making them cost effective. It is easy to find shipping containers for sale by PCS and many other companies, be searching on the internet. There are many great bargains you can find when you are looking to purchase secondhand shipping containers.

Designing Your Bungalow

Because shipping containers are available in a range of standardised dimensions, they can easily be joined together. Building a structure out of these is almost like using building blocks when designing your new guest house. The shipping containers can be placed together length ways, joined at the floor and ceiling, and then the walls can be cut. By doing this, you can have a large open space, which do not resemble a rectangle!

You can also build multiple storey structures very easily, although you will need to do more work on the foundations if building more than one storey. When you have decided on the layout of the guest house, you can then work on the finished effect that you want, as well as plan the decor.

A Futuristic Looking Guest House

There are many different finishes that a shipping container can have, which vary its overall look. If you are looking for a more traditional finish, then you can add wooden shingles to the outside of the walls.

Although you technically would not need a roof, it is advisable to have a separate roof over the structure. The reason for this is that it will keep the rain off the top and help to reduce noise, as well as to keep the shipping container shaded during sunny weather. If you do this and also insulate the inside of the shipping container properly, you will be able to create a comfortable climate inside your guest house, though you may also wish to install air conditioning.

As there are so many straight lines and also plenty of metal, by adding lots of windows and glass doors, it is also possible to achieve a futuristic finish, which can be pleasing to the eye. It all comes down to your personal taste, as well as the design of the outside of your home.

A Guest House to be Proud Of

When you have finished construction of your guest house and also finished decorating, the result will be a new addition to your home that makes you proud. You can take pride in the fact that you used recycled materials to build your home, as well as also building something that is cost effective, and also looks extremely cool.

Using recycled materials helps to reduce your carbon footprint. This means that you are also taking an active part in helping to look after our environment.

Whatever size structure you are looking to build, from guest houses right up to an apartment block, shipping containers are an excellent building material that is getting utilised in cities all over the world. From houses, apartments, shops, community centres, and also schools, people are turning to the recognisable metal rectangles and repurposing them into a variety of different structures at a very reasonable cost.