Recycled rubber matting – First step towards green home

Most people around the world agree that climate change is real, and that the earth’s overall temperature is getting warmer. This rising concern about how humans influence our environment means that more and more people are trying to be more environmentally conscious about things like recycled materials, green products, sustainable agriculture, and fuel-efficient hybrid cars.

There are many things you can do in your home to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly, while still being decorative and functional. Using recycled materials where you can is a good place to start. One good option is to use rubber matting on the floor, which is made from the rubber in recycled tires.

Eco-friendly flooring for the home

When you are deciding how to decorate your home, one of the most basic decisions is what type of flooring to use. You have a wide range of options, from flagstones, to vinyl, to wall-to-wall carpeting. You also have new eco-friendly flooring options now that give you an attractive look and a comfortable feel, while still being sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Rubber matting, made from recycled tire rubber, is one of these eco-friendly flooring options. It is highly durable, just like the tough tires that it is made from. It is also comfortable to walk on, with some give to it. While you probably wouldn’t want rubber matting in your living room, it is often used as a flooring in garages, gyms, and other locations where it will get some hard use. You can also put rubber flooring in certain spots, where it can be a protective layer between the normal flooring and heavy equipment which could damage it.

Recycled rubber

Recycled rubber is not the only eco-friendly way to produce rubber flooring mats. Natural rubber can also be sustainably harvested from Para rubber trees. People tap a rubber tree and extract the rubber sap, somewhat like tapping a maple tree for syrup. The tree is not harmed, and it can be tapped over and over again, so this does not damage the environment. Therefore, natural rubber can also be an ecologically sensitive material to use for flooring. Rubber is slip resistant, durable, long lasting, and shock absorbent. You can put it in any areas that get a lot of foot traffic, or which need extra protection for some reason.

Bamboo & cork

A couple of other options that you can consider for eco-friendly flooring are bamboo and cork. Both of these are used to create very beautiful and fashionable building materials. Bamboo flooring is made from fast-growing, sustainable bamboo forests, and it can give your home a sleek, stylish look, along with a smaller carbon footprint.

Recycled carpet

Another smart way of greening your home is to add a recycled carpet. Although hardwood is stylish and chic, only a carpet will make that space seem cozy. Because carpets are usually made from a variety of materials, recycling can be difficult. In this case, why not think ahead? Invest in carpet for your home that is already made of recycled materials. There are interior décor companies that value sustainability. Check the web for more information and make a sensible investment. Recycled carpets have one major benefit: they don’t contain chemicals, which means they’re ideal for families with kids.

Natural wool

Who says eco-friendly mats are not chic? While sustainable rugs are not really the fluffiest on the market, some types can be extremely comfortable. Natural wool carpets are an excellent choice. They’re durable, stylish and can last for years in excellent condition. Because they’re manufactured from natural fibers, they don’t contain harsh ingredients or chemicals that may harm your health. Before investing in recycled mats, ask about wool rugs. The variety is endless!

When you are thinking about how to make your home more green, look into these sustainable and eco-conscious materials. You will probably want different flooring solutions in different rooms, so you could put bamboo in the bedroom, and recycled rubber flooring in the kids’ play room. These environmentally conscious choices will give you beautiful and durable flooring for your home, while helping the environment, too. It’s always an excellent idea to watch out for your health and make smart investments while protecting the natural habitat.

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