Eco-Friendly Design Suggestions For Your Futuristic New Home

Millions of people envy you if you have the funds and the vision to start work on a self-build eco-friendly home where you can put down roots and spent the rest of your life in bliss. Maybe the idea is still turning over in your mind, and you are yet to make any firm decisions about the green building. If so, it is lucky you came across this article. I am going to put forward a few suggestions that you might want to include in the design. My ideas will, hopefully, inspire you to greater things. I’m sure there is no rush, and you have plenty of time to ponder these and many more suggestions.

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The Structure

Would you think of straw as a building material? I agree; it sounds odd. Consider it as a material for the walls of your new home. It has several advantages over bricks.

  • It is a natural material.
  • The walls grow quickly because of the scale of the bales. That cuts down on labor costs.
  • Straw walls offer an exceptional level of insulation. That is vital to keep the running cost of any building to a minimum.

The house will still need a timber frame to make it structurally sound. When the walls are complete, the builders cover them in wire mesh, to keep out rodents looking for a warm home, and apply a coat of render. Nobody would ever know that the walls of the building are of straw.


We have an array of technology at our fingertips today, and you should consider the possibilities for this project. Everybody knows about solar panels, and I am not going to drone on about them. But I advise you to research heat pumps. You may not have heard of them before; they are ingenious machines that take heat from the outside air to warm your home. They work in a similar way to your refrigerator. It removes heat from the air in its enclosure. If you wish to enjoy an off-grid lifestyle, you should investigate wind turbines too. Use renewable energy from many sources to power your home.


Safety is paramount for you and your family. Domestic fire alarm and sprinkler systems are on the rise, and you should install them. Sprinklers can suppress a fire for long enough so that you can escape from the building. You must consult the local experts about fire sprinkler corrosion control. If a head or valve corrodes, it could stop them from operating correctly in the event of an emergency. Ask your installer about a dry system; they only fill with water when they activate. At other times, the pipes are full of nitrogen. Without oxygen, they can not oxidize.

I hope that has given you food for thought. Though we only scratched the surface of green home design features here, you now have some things to consider. Whenever you make a decision, look at how it will affect the safety of the building. This project is not one you should rush. There are so many possibilities that it is easy to omit something and regret it later. Enjoy this building; it will change your life for the better.