Tips for Saving Money Heating Your Home during winter

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Winter is a time when temperatures fall and the cost of heating our homes rise.  At this time of the year, many people spend a lot of money on home improvements to winterize their properties, but if you are not the financial position to do this; don’t worry.  In the following article we will look at some hints and tips that will help you save money on heating your home.

Cover Up

Obviously, it makes no sense to walk around the house in shorts and t-shirts in the middle of a harsh, cold winter, does it?  Whether you are outside or inside, it makes sense to act like winter is a cold time of year.  Put sweaters and sweatshirts on, wear warm and comfortable slippers and socks.  Make sure you have comfy, soft blankets on the couches so that you can use them to stay snug and warm while watching TV, chatting with friends etc.

If you have hardwood, laminate or tile flooring you should consider placing rugs down to stop you from having to walk or stand on the colder surfaces.  Many of these initial tips and hints do not cost very much money to make use of, they can also help reduce the strain on your heating and the running costs.

Plastic Wrap Unused Windows and Doors

During wintertime there are doors and windows in your home that you will never use.  Therefore, it is a good idea to work out the doors and windows you will not use for the cold months during winter and plastic wrap them to add extra insulation to your home.  If you find you can’t afford window and door kits, you could even just hang blankets over them.

Keep The Heating down Low When No-one Is Home and at Night

Instead of trying to keep your home 70+ degrees so that you don’t lose heat ever, even though you are either asleep or not home; you should try to figure out the most comfortably low temperature you can have your radiators and heating set to.  By even keeping the thermostat down as low as 60 degrees when you are asleep or during the day when you are out, you will notice a dramatic change in the cost of your heating.

Switch From Night Storage Heaters to Effective Electric Heaters

Night storage heaters are great for eliminating cold spots in bedrooms at night, to keep you warm and sleep well but they are not the most efficient.  We would recommend these heaters as they deliver their heat by convection and are more effective than some – but not all – alternatives.  The air is heated, rises from the unit and then cools down as it falls creating an air current that will flow all around the room.

Fill Cracks with Silicone

Lots of valuable hot air can escape from any cracks in windows, doors and other places around the house.  However, by using silicone to fill these cracks you can save a significant amount of money on your heating bills.  Closing all the unwanted cracks could mean that you can put turn your central heating down lower and that it works more effectively.