Renewable Energy In The Home. What Are Your Options?


Environmental consciousness is at an all-time high. We’re all looking for ways to soften our impact on the planet. Whether it’s recycling our waste or using energy-efficient light bulbs, we’re all doing our part. Of course, for some, that’s simply not enough. What about those who are looking for a fully renewable energy solution in the home?

We are regularly asked if this is a viable option for the average homeowner. The answer is yes; it is. There will be an installation cost involved. But, the beauty of renewable energy is that it pays for itself after just a few years. So, what exactly are your options here? Let’s take a look at some of the main contenders.

Our Top 5 Renewable Energy Choices for Homeowners

Solar powerSolar energy is the most recognizable renewable energy source. Many homes already have solar panels attached to their roofs or built in their garden. A lot of people still have concerns about the effectiveness of solar panels, but technology is improving. It is now feasible to power your home with energy from the sun. It is one of the most affordable installations too. We highly recommend starting your search here.

Wind turbines – After solar power, wind turbines are the most popular choice. We traditionally associate wind turbines with enormous white windmills in the countryside. However, technology has sufficiently advanced to provide a home solution. Smaller wind turbines like the Vesta V29 are now available, and they’re designed specifically for the home. The best thing about this technology is that you can often sell excess electricity back to the grid.

Biomass heaters – As a nation, we have become excellent at recycling. It is slowly becoming an ingrained part of our culture, which is a great leap forward. However, there is still a lot of waste that we can use. Biomass heaters provide an alternative to gas and electric heating systems. They burn waste, wood, and pellets to provide an efficient heating system for the home.

Hydro Pumps – The planet isn’t short on water, and we can harness the immense power for ourselves. On a large scale, hydropower is captured using enormous dams on the world’s biggest reservoirs. On a smaller scale, we can harness the power of local lakes and rivers. Check to see if your area qualifies for a small hydro solution, as this may be a viable option.

Heat pumpsHeat pumps are an innovative way to warm your household water without electricity. These complex systems capture and store heat from the ground. Using an air pump, this warmth is then injected throughout the house. You’re looking at a five-figure installation sum, but you’ll save a fortune on electricity and gas bills. It’s a long-term solution, but one that will pay for itself over time.

We love to see families embracing renewable energy in the home. It’s a fantastic step forward into a sustainable world. Renewable energy sources are much easier to install in your building from scratch. But, don’t rule out a solution at any stage of life. You’ll give something back to the planet, and save yourself money in the long-run.