Eco-Friendly, Efficient Ways to Travel

Airplane travel and the environment.

Travelling is an essential part of life for many of us. Whether it’s going to and from work, travelling to other parts of the country as a tourist or even exploring various places abroad, many of us find ourselves going to different places regularly. But, travelling over the years has had a huge impact on the environment. Today, people who need to travel a lot, along with those who simply enjoy going to new places and seeing as much of the world as possible, are coming up with more ways to get around in an environmentally friendly way.


For those who have a long commute by road to and from their workplace, carpooling is an ideal alternative to simply driving on your own. Not only is carpooling a much better choice for the planet as it helps to keep more vehicles off the road, it can also help individuals to save money by reducing the amount of gas that you use personally. Along with this, reports show that people who take a carpool or rideshare to their workplace tend to be more satisfied at work and also more productive.

Public Transport

Although public transport might not seem like the nicest of choices when it comes to getting around, it can be very effective in helping to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and therefore have a positive impact on pollution levels. Today, many public transport companies are doing more to help the environment, with many cities introducing hybrid or all electric forms of public transportation in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions and keep road pollution levels at a minimum. And, taking the bus, subway or train isn’t always uncomfortable if you can avoid rush hour.


If you’re planning a short trip which isn’t too far away from your home, walking can not only be better for the environment, it can also be better for you! Across the course of a year, thousands of unnecessary journeys are being taken by people. Instead of taking the car every single time you need to go anywhere, asking yourself whether you could actually walk instead won’t only help you to reduce the amount of pollution and co2 emissions caused by your vehicle, it can also be much better for your bank account and your health.


For those who are serious about travelling in a green and eco-friendly manner, cycling can be the perfect alternative to driving. Although some journeys will be too long to take on your bicycle, this can be a great way of getting to and from work if it’s too far to walk. Along with that, cycling can also be an excellent way of keeping fit, with many different health benefits to be had. Today, road cyclists are becoming more of a common sight than ever before, with people of all cycling abilities taking up this as a way of transport.

How do you make sure that your travels are as eco-friendly as possible? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Infographic credits to Generali

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