Green Beauty

If being kind to both your body and the environment is important to you, you may be encouraged to know that you can do so without sacrificing your beauty routine. However, you may need to make some changes in order to accomplish your goal of being “green.” More companies than ever are manufacturing cosmetic products that are ecologically friendly. You can also use a variety of natural products and treatments to keep yourself looking beautiful and healthy.

Healthy Hair

Maintaining your hair while staying green is easier to accomplish than ever. The first step you might consider is to stop using a hair dryer on a regular basis. By blotting your hair with a thick towel, you can remove much of the water it retains after you wash it. Once you blot as much dampness from your hair as possible, allow your locks to air-dry. You can use an eco-friendly styling gel to give your tresses some shape as they dry.

One way to care for your hair without using harsh chemicals is to apply a hair mask made from items found in your kitchen. You can easily make a mask by combining unflavored yogurt with olive oil. Once you apply the treatment, leave it on for about an hour. You might cover your hair in a towel or shower cap to keep the mask from becoming too dry. Rinse the mask off with warm water. This treatment will moisturize your hair beautifully.

Sensational Skin

When you’re at home, you can concoct a variety of skin care treatments from food products. One option is to make a facial mask from ground turmeric and Greek yogurt. Mix the two ingredients well, and leave the mask on your face for approximately half an hour. Then, rinse your face with warm water. This mask should restore balance to your skin tone.

Another option is to find a spa that uses natural ingredients for its skin care treatments. Modern salons and spas are catering to increasing consumer demand for professional treatments that are natural. You could indulge in skin care treatments with green beauty products, such as a green face peel and a sea salt body scrub.

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

You can find a broad array of makeup options that don’t contain toxic ingredients. Many of the lip products sold today contain natural ingredients, so you won’t inadvertently ingest chemicals that don’t belong in your body. You might choose from lip shimmers, glosses, and stains made from ingredients that won’t put your health at risk.

A wide range of mineral makeup products may also be found in stores and online. Mineral blushes, bronzers, and foundation powders provide a natural way to add color to your face. The minerals reflect light and complement your features. The natural possibilities for your eyes seem almost endless. You might wear paraben-free mascara, eyeliner made from jojoba, and mineral eye shadow. If you want to make your own eye shadow from natural ingredients, you can do so by using spirulina powder or activated charcoal.

Once you begin exploring green beauty products and treatments, you may be surprised at the wealth of options available. Using natural products to stay beautiful is a wise strategy. Whether you make your own products or seek green beauty treatments done by a professional, you can have a lot of fun learning how to be both green and gorgeous.