Stay at Home and Help the Planet

If you want to help the planet then staying at home a bit more often is a great way to get started.

This doesn’t mean becoming a hermit but it does mean thinking a little bit more before heading out. Short car journeys are highly damaging to the planet so here are a few tips for avoiding them when they aren’t strictly necessary.

Play Games Online

It used to be that a trip to the local bingo hall or amusement arcade was the best way to play some games and maybe try to win some cash at the same time. The massive popularity of online games shows us that many people now prefer to play at home. Not everyone who does this will have green thoughts in their mind at the time but there is no doubt that it is a big benefit.  Instead of travelling in your car to you local bingo hall you could go online to a Bingo site and have as much fun without harming the planet.

Work at Home

How would working at home suit you? This is a fantastic way to cut down on the amount of travelling you do. Even if your boss is only happy to let you do this a couple of times a week it can still be enough to make a difference. This can also be a lot more enjoyable than making the same old trip into work every single day. One thing you need to be careful with here is that you don’t end up spending a lot of energy at home while you are working there, as this would offset some of the positive benefits of working at home in the first place. The same goes for your use of paper and printer ink, which shouldn’t be any more here than it would be at work.

Do Your Shopping on the Internet

Are you often guilty of hopping in the car and making a short trip to the supermarket for a couple of items? If you are then it is probably time to find a more eco friendly way of shopping. Making just one big monthly trip to the supermarket is a great idea, while you could also buy everything online. Online shopping is a fantastic way of buying everything you need while you are relaxed and without even leaving the house. Unless you really love walking round those aisles with your trolley then doing it online is definitely something to be considered.

Keep in Touch with Friends

It is sometimes tempting to get in the car to visit a friend who lives very close. These days it is important to not lose the human contact in our lives but there is also a balance we need to try and strike. Becoming addicted to social media site like Facebook and Twitter isn’t a good thing but neither is making short trips in your car for brief conversation. A nice compromise could be reached by using Skype, which allows you to hold video conversation with your contacts. Social media can help keep us connected in a lower-carbon fashion.

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