Green Living: What You Can Do in 2015

Green living is becoming more and more commonplace. With this in mind, it’s time to consider how you are going to up your green living game. There are some fantastic ways that you can start living a more sustainable lifestyle. You don’t have to spend a fortune to live a greener lifestyle. On the contrary, there are some fantastic ways that you can live a more sustainable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can up your green game:

Grow Your Own

When it comes to growing your own, you don’t need to have an expensive set up to start feeling the benefits of this. You can ensure that you are growing your own either indoors or outdoors. A small plot in your garden can be used to grow your own. Or, you can use a small space within your home. All you need is some LED grow lights to get you started. You can use the space to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables. Some containers are all you need to get you started. You can live a healthier lifestyle. But, you can also save a small fortune in the process. This is an excellent way to make sure that you are eating correctly, but at a snip of the price.

Consider Your Car Choices

Having a green car is a great way of ensuring that you are lessening your impact on the world. With the advance of hybrid car technology, you can ensure that you are reducing your carbon footprint. But, these are less than expensive to run in the process too.  Make sure that you invest in servicing and maintenance so that your car lasts for years to come.

Recycling Your Way into the New Year

Recycling waste is becoming a mainstay within people’s homes. But, are you recycling enough? Almost everything can be recycled in your home. Glass, plastics and even leftover food can be put into individual bins and containers and put to good use. As we all know, plastic is certainly not fantastic. So, make sure that you are recycling everything in your home and do your bit for mother earth.

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Mind the Temperature

Okay, so it may be getting a little chilly now that winter is underway. But, turning off radiators in rooms that you don’t use is a good way of living a greener lifestyle. You can turn down the thermostat too. Even turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees can ensure that you are lessening your impact on the environment. Aside from doing your bit and reducing the energy consumption within your home, you will also save money on your utilities. You don’t have to wear an extra jumper to stay warm this winter. Reconsider your heating choices.

Light Bulbs Options

Energy efficient light bulbs have become more popular in people’s homes. But, did you know that these are not the most effective kinds of lights? If you want to make a smart change, switch to LED lights. These are less energy consuming than regular filament bulbs.

Going Outside the Home

Living green doesn’t stop at home! You should also look to be a voice for positive change at work so that your company does its part to help protect our environment.