Help Your Car Shed Its Skin into Something Environmentally Beneficial

With so much clutter and garbage all around us, we’ve found a way to reduce pollution by reusing the old. Recycling is an important part of every aspect of the modern day life and car parts are no exception here. Wouldn’t it be better to, instead of replacing old tyres, depleted batteries or used oils, reuse them and thus reduce pollution, all the while you keep your pocket turned the right side in. Almost every car part can be recycled quite easily, so you should think about contributing towards making this a trend. Further in the text are a couple of examples of replaceable car parts.

  • Oil – Everyone knows oil should be changed on a frequent basis, but did you know it is completely recyclable? If you’re one for taking your vehicle to the car shop for oil changing, chances are you’re already contributing to the recycling movement. However, if you enjoy doing your own car maintenance, you should make sure to bring the used oil to your local recycling center. As we all know, oil is a huge pollutant, so by opting for reusing it, you’re helping the green movement immensely.
  • Filters – Once there is no oil left in its reservoir, these are also quite recyclable. Of course, this is not to say that you shouldn’t make frequent oil changes – in order for an oil filter to achieve its maximum life expectancy, changes should be kept at a frequent basis.
  • Scrap metal – Scrap metal is by far the most recyclable part of your car. Worn headlight bezels, side mirrors, door handles, windshield wipers, damaged bumpers and plates can all be turned into something useful and therefore reused. Just make sure that the items are rid of any form of fluids, like oil, antifreeze and the like. Steel wheels, fenders, radiators and even doors can be brought to your local salvage yard and you might even end up with a small compensation. Not bad for something that is virtually useless to you, huh?
  • Car battery – Batteries in general mean lead and lead means pollution. This element is extremely dangerous, not only for the environment, but for human beings as well. Car batteries contain huge amounts of lead and thus leave a huge negative impact on Earth. Luckily, it is very easy to properly recycle a used battery and, as is the case with scrap metal in general, it can be done with a compensation in store for you.
  • Tyres – Rubber is a long way from being biodegradable and is quite pollutant, while tyres are big and take up large percentage of landfill space. In fact, these rubber devils have such a negative impact on the environment. If you should decide to turn green and start recycling these too, bring your old tyres to the nearest recycle center. Unusable tyres can be turned into things such as fuel, playground paraphernalia, outside gym components, swing sets and various other things
  • Glass – Naturally, as you probably already know, auto glass is not the same as regular glass, so it requires special recycling facilities. Some states have organized special programs for auto glass recycling, but if you are not in the proximity of such a facility, you can always opt for supporting various programs that make products from this type of glass. These products include floor tiles, jewelry, drinking glasses even.

There are many ways for you to be supportive of car part recycling, the only thing you need to do is do a little bit of digging around. Why not help your car’s shedding of the unused parts turn into something beneficial both for you and perhaps even your pocket.