Incredible Modern Room Design Tips You Don’t Want To miss

Many people are choosing to undertake their own living room upgrades themselves this year, rather than employing an interior designer to carry out the decoration for them. Possibly is mainly because of the cost, now that money is in short supply.

The adage is true; fashion changes but style is forever, and this applies to living room interiors just as it does to clothing. If you are thinking about renovating your living room, it is a good thing that you dropped by. You will find some useful tips in this article that will guide you on the road to style success and give you a living room that will be the envy of your friends. Let’s take a look at the components one at a time.

A simple yet elegant living room design.

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Window Dressings

Glass plays a significant role in contemporary schemes. Designers try to fit as much in their rooms as they can by replacing old windows and installing patio doors wherever possible. The windows must be dressed appropriately. Curtains, though they still play a part, are of secondary importance to window blinds this decade. There are many styles of blinds to select from that will complete the scheme. Think about using any of these:

  • Venetian blinds. These have been used for over fifty years in offices and commercial settings. They play an important role in domestic schemes these days and come in lots of shades and materials, even wood.

  • Roman blinds. These are not so commonly used in ultra modern settings, but that does not exclude them from use here. They are easy to make, so a shade and pattern will surely be found to enhance the theme.

  • Roller blinds. Designers have worked hard to create a stunning range of roller blinds. There are many printed, sleek options out there that are simplicity itself to install and operate.


New meets old in modern designs. Incredible pieces await you on the market today. The secret is not to clutter the room with too many of them. Look online, and you will find some beautiful Indian wood furniture that can really complement your home. Using timber such as mango to complement a modern setting, they look stunning on laminate or real wood flooring. For seating, choose a light or neutral colour in either leather or fabric. Leather is obviously better where there are children or pets.


Apart from the main lighting source, table lamps are a timeless accessory that will change the mood of a room  by moving them around or fitting different shades. Despite their name, they are not only for use on tables; place them on the floor in corners or behind furniture to give up lighting effects and create intriguing shadows. Shades and bulbs vary the colours of the light, so the perfect setting is created relatively cheaply. The main lighting in the room is usually supplied by sunken ceiling lights that are operated by a dimmer switch.

Look online and in magazines and you will see that these methods and materials are used in most of the best schemes out there. Your home may not be a perfect setting such as the one in the image, but a modern influence can be brought nonetheless. So pull your home out of the twentieth century this year and make it look young again. You never know, it may rub off on you.

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