How Can I Make My Home More Eco-Friendly?


It’s a question that an increasing number of homeowners have asked over the past few years. It is a very pertinent question too, and one that we expect to play an even more important role over the coming decade.

After all, society’s understanding of environmental responsibilities is constantly increasing. The home is one of the best places to make those improvements, and finding a way to upgrade theirs should be a priority for every homeowner.

The hardest part, however, is knowing what changes are the most important to make. Here are some items that should rank top of your ‘to do’ list.

Lower Water Waste

Water plays an integral part in our lives. It’s crucial to our diet, personal hygiene, and various household chores. It’s key for the environment too, and the average household waste is simply astonishing. Finding a way to reduce yours is a must. Ultimately, the resources used to purify your drinking water require carbon, and this is one of many easy area to reduce your consumption.

We use water in various different manners. However, flushing the toilet accounts for nearly half of it! Naturally, upgrading to a more energy efficient unit is one of the best changes you can make around the home.

Old style toilets use far more water than is necessary. Reducing your output will make a difference to your environment, and your bank balance too.

Encourage More Natural Light

Switching to energy-saving light bulbs is a brilliant decision to make. However, an even better solution is to reduce your need for extra lighting solutions altogether.

Embracing natural light doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply painting the walls in a light tone will spark an improvement. Meanwhile, mirrors can be placed strategically to improve things even more. You will still need to use electric light in the evening, but reducing the daytime outage will make a drastic impact.

Similarly, you can add solar powered garden lights to reduce the costs of lighting your garden on nice summer evenings.

Make Smarter Purchases

One of the best ways to make the home more eco-friendly is to shop smarter when adding new items to the property. As previously mentioned, choosing a better toilet will make a huge difference. But there are plenty of other items where shopping for a better solution can bring positive change.

The garden is an area where you can make massive improvements. For example, eco-friendly barns are produced in a far better manner than some of the alternative structures. Let’s face it, they carry an extra degree of charm too.

Thanks to the internet, there’s a world of information at your fingertips. Do your research, and you’ll soon be shopping like a pro.

Better Daily Habits

A major part of living your greener lifestyle is to simply change your routines. It might not sound like the biggest improvement, but switching off appliances overnight can make a difference.

Meanwhile, switching to more eco-friendly cleaning products will also improve your situation greatly. This won’t cause any negative impact on your daily routines, what more incentive could you need?

Sometimes the small changes bring the biggest change. Embracing these ideas and you’ll notice major improvements.