How To Buy Eco-Friendly Garden Furniture

For the green fingered and green-conscious person, knowing what to buy for the garden can be tricky when it comes to furniture. Take a look in your local garden centre and you will see why. Metal and plastics dominate the displays, and you can never guarantee where the wooden pieces have come from.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure your garden furniture is eco-friendly. And, quite literally, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your footprint light and your garden natural.


Buy Second Hand

Although you may not agree with how a piece of furniture was manufactured, if you are buying second hand you can do so without guilt. You aren’t encouraging sales of an unethical product, and you will be saving something that would, no doubt, become landfill at some point. Now, you may not like the idea of metal rusting in your garden, but that is entirely up to you. The simple fact is that buying secondhand works out well for you, and the environment.

Avoid Plastics

If you want a truly eco-friendly garden, you will have to avoid certain types of plastic furniture. There is evidence that certain plastics can leak chemicals that could be harmful to humans. If correct, this could be the same for your garden soil and plants. Check to see if the plastic is OK to use before buying, and always try to buy second-hand. This will reduce the need for plastic manufacturers to make more products!

Sustainably Harvested Wood

Buying wood is eco-friendly, as long as you are buying from a properly harvested plantation. Unless you can guarantee where that wood has come from, it is unlikely you will feel comfortable with it. Furniture made from red cedar and eucalyptus don’t need nasty chemical treatments, either. They are great examples of a green product that last naturally. Both produce natural oils that protect the wood.

Rattan & Bamboo

Bamboo and rattan are great choices for an eco-friendly garden. Bamboo is a fantastic natural fibre that you could even grow in your own garden. Its growth rate is such that it is a perfect material for those concerned with green issues. Rattan is a palm vine and can grow up to 600 foot long. It is used to make furniture of all sorts. A good rattan corner sofa offers great comfort and is safe to buy for the eco-conscious.


The reason why aluminium is eco-friendly is because it doesn’t rust. It also lasts for decades and requires no chemical treatments. If you are going to buy metal, then aluminium is probably the best option beyond buying second-hand. It’s strong and lightweight, and is easily recycled if you ever need to get rid of it.

Are you ready to go truly green in the garden? We hope these tips will help point you in the right direction. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to take much thought, and once you are up and running you will be well on your way to a super-green garden space. Good luck and start planning those eco-friendly garden parties!