How Do You Cut Your Energy Bills?

Going green is not easy. In theory, it is a great method to save the planet and save yourself some money in the process. But, in practise it can be difficult and more hassle than it is worth. For many people, going green begs the question: how do you cut your energy bills? How do you go green? Well, it all starts at home.

Get A Fire

The top energy buster in a house is the boiler and central heating. These two elements both cost you hundreds to thousands of pounds each years, and they are not good for the environment. In basic terms, they use a hell of a lot of energy! To warm up your home, a fire will do just as good a job, and it will use less energy. Plus, once you get the fire started, it should warm up the whole house as heat rises. All you need are a few pieces of wood, grown organically, of course, and some materials to get it going.

Build A Conservatory

As long as the conservatory is made from natural materials, it is fine to build. There are plenty of ways to makes your conservatory green and they are worth looking into because they also contain heat. The rays that come through the windows cannot escape because they are usually so tight. In effect, your conservatory becomes likes a greenhouse and that begins to warm up the rest of the house. If a conservatory is not your thing, there are always other options like PVCU orangeries or a lean-to.

Turn Off The Lights

Lights are ridiculously inefficient. Honestly, they make as much heat as they do light, if not more heat. But, at the minute there are not too many ways to live without lights. You can get energy-efficient light bulbs, but they still use a lot of energy. Your only option is to use them sparingly. If it is light outside, don’t turn them on. Or, if you are not using a room, turn the lights off. It is amazing how much greener your house will become just by switching off the lights.

Shop Around

Sometimes, the above options are not a realistic target for a lot of homeowners. The thing about going green is that your needs are not compatible. Central heating in the modern house is a must to keep everyone warm and cosy, especially during the winter. But, that doesn’t mean you should be dictated to by the price. Shop around your energy providers for the best bargains and don’t be afraid to ask them for a discount. If you don’t ask, you never get the reward.

Make Your Own

Solar panels and windmills are a feasible option if you have the cash. Renewable energy sources can be expensive, but they can also run a home for a lot cheaper. In fact, some local authorities even subsidise their use to install them in more homes.

The main tip is to be determined because there are a lot of obstacles that need hurdling.