How Green is Your Garden?

There was a time when a green garden simply meant a slab of bright green lawn with a border. These days we understand a little more about the use of chemicals fertilisers and the damage they do to the environment. Likewise, our water has become a precious resource and we don’t want to waste it pouring into onto high maintenance lawns. Fortunately, that is all changing and you can have a garden that is just as rewarding and exciting, just a whole lot more eco-friendly.

A garden


Landscaping has come of age. Whether you prefer a no maintenance backyard and drive or you fancy a more sustainable food producing system, the options are there.

Rocks, stones and shingle.

All of these products are available. It is just that these days, you can source them from eco – friendly landscapers and garden centres. Gone are the days when you just rolled up at the beach with your Ute and filled up the trailer with rocks!  You can get as big and dramatic as you like, or simply indulge in a more zen smooth gravel.  You will need something strong to move these around your garden, so check out some wheel barrows.

Sensitive Planting

The best advice has always been the most eco-friendly. Look around at what grows locally. For the most part plants that are suited to your environment will need less maintenance and grow better. That means you will spend less time and resources. Trying to water in a thirsty plant is always going to be a struggle. Take cuttings from neighbours, but remember to ask. Small plants grow into big ones. Avoiding the drastic waste of heavy pruning and having to hire waste skips. Weekends are precious! Choose plants that are suitable for your property.

Exchange large areas of lawn for raised beds. Plant vegetables instead of shrubs and mix them up with flowers. Vegetables themselves will flower and go to seed and look quite lovely. Companion planting brings in the bees and good insects,

Water and Power

Once the garden is set up, the need for water will become apparent. There are some brilliant eco solutions to help you here.  Collect water off the roof if you are not already doing so. Even the briefest rainstorm yields gallons of good water that can be stored and or directed into the garden.

White and grey water can be redirected. Water that has been used in the bath, sink, washing machine is just as usable. Thinking ahead can allow you to plan for a suitable system

Greenhouses were the original eco-friendly system for growing. They used the sun’s energy and trapped it to raise the temperature inside. There are some brilliant options out there.  

Water features are still a popular choice, but even waterfalls and small fountains can be run using a simple solar system that circulates the existing water. Similar but slightly more involved options exist for swimming pools. These days smaller lap pools are a popular option or you have the choice of fitting a stunning natural pool if you like the idea of a refreshing dip!

Eco-friendly gardening has done us all a favour. It is better for the environment, our pocket and the wildlife that we depend on.  With today’s switched on landscaping options, you can create and amazing space for you are your family