The Most Cost-Effective Green Technology Solutions For Your Home

Are you looking to save money on food and energy bills? Are you eager to do your bit to save the planet and prevent global warming? If so, green technology could be the way forward. Here are some of the more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology solutions out there.

Solar energy

Solar panels are one of the most affordable ways or reducing your electricity and gas bills in the long-term. These panels, which are usually fitted to the roof, use sunlight to create energy. The cost of installation may be daunting, but your bills will fall instantly. If you are interested in solar panels, search around for the best prices and ask your local authority about green living grants. In some areas, it may be possible to get a grant or funding towards the initial cost.

In addition to the vastly improved solar panels on the market today, you can also use energy generated by sunlight to heat water.

solar panels on roof in UK

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Roof paint

Roof paint can help improve home energy efficiency. This specially designed material reflects sunlight, decreasing the temperature of the roof. In hot countries, roof paint can lower air conditioning costs. In cooler climates, painting the roof can lower air temperature and contribute to the global effort to reduce global warming. Studies also suggest that roof paint can prolong the life of roofing materials, saving you money on repair costs.

Energy usage monitors

Have you ever wondered why your energy bills are higher than expected each month? At any given time, you may be running a number of appliances without even realising. Do you regularly watch TV, use a computer and do the washing? Are the kids watching DVDs or playing a games console at the same time? Have you left lights on upstairs? An energy usage monitor displays how much energy you are using, so you have an idea of your daily consumption. It can also show you when usage is higher than expected. This may mean that you’ve left something running, for example. People tend to be more cautious if they have a visible reminder and using a meter may reduce your usage and your bills.

Energy-saving bulbs

Installing energy-saving bulbs is an easy and inexpensive way of saving you money and reducing the amount of energy you use. Always remember to turn lights off when you leave the room and open the curtains to maximise natural light.

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Smart appliances

If you’re looking for a new kettle or your cooker is on the blink, now is the time to invest in smart home technology. Nowadays, appliances have energy ratings and automation features to cut power use when it is not necessary. Look for those with high ratings and innovative features, such as standby shut-off and different cooking modes. Eco-kettles, for example, only boil as much water as you need.

Technology is constantly advancing and it pays to be aware of the benefits of modern, green technology. Do some research online and don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts. Ask for recommendations when buying new electronic items or installing eco-friendly heating or lighting. Invest in appliances and systems, which will save money in the long-run.

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