How to Clean Your Office and Be Eco-Friendly

When it comes to keeping your office clean, it’s important to make sure that you don’t go overboard on buying a load of cleaning products that you won’t need and won’t use.

We’ve got a few top tips for you to bear in mind when it comes to cleaning your office the next time around although, if you have a commercial cleaning company then you probably don’t need to worry about this as we’re sure they will be up to date with the best products to use.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

There are a lot of these products out there so when it comes to ensuring that you have the best products to clean your house, non-toxic is a great place to start.

If you have a commercial cleaning company in at your office or you have someone who comes to your house and cleans there then it may be worth you starting to encourage them to use these products.

Natural Green Cleaning Products

To go that extra mile, it’s worthwhile looking for those cleaning products that you know are ‘green’ or environmentally friendly.

Whether it’s for your laundry, for doing the dishes or doing your laundry, there are a number of ‘earth friendly’ products out there that may cost a little more but will guarantee a quality finish and will do minimal damage to the environment.

Already ‘Eco’ Companies

There are a lot of eco companies out there who already do their bit for the environment and set a great example which many more companies in the UK should strive to follow.

  • Daedalian Glass Studios – An innovative glass design company based in Poulton Le Fylde, near Blackpool. Daedalian Glass Studios do their bit for the environment and are always looking for new ways to recycle the waste materials from their projects. Read their ‘Conscientious Makers’ section here.
  • Merco Services – A commercial cleaning company in Manchester. Merco go above and beyond with their cleaning services. They set realistic and achievable goals in order to maintain the required standard of environmental performance and all of their products are ‘eco-friendly’.