Top 3 green insulation options to consider

There are a lot of different options to consider when you go green with insulation. You will be doing the planet a great service as well by not using the fiberglass alternatives because you’ll be saving your heat and saving the planet at the same time! How’s that for efficiency? Multi-layer insulation can come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily for you, today we are covering three of the best multi-layer insulation green options.

This one is a bit of a taboo because of the way it is made. Using plastics makes it not green or ecofriendly, however, using it for insulation is considered a green ecofriendly insulation because it is so effective when preventing heat from passing through. Structural integrity of the building is actually increased with polystyrene and it comes in board form and a liquid spray. This stuff never breaks down naturally, so do make sure you recycle it properly if you ever choose to replace it.

The strong thermal resistance is what makes polystyrene so popular, and is often the insulation of choice when constructing new buildings, or improving existing ones. However, it’s not the most ecofriendly material in the world so read on for the true ecofriendly materials.

Sheep’s Wool:

Sheep are hardy creatures. They live in some of the harshest climates in the world, and they can do this effortlessly thanks to the thick, insulation wool that makes up their coats. Recently companies have been adding sheep’s wool to their insulation rolls purely because the stuff is just so good at insulating! There is no need to create some sort of chemical mixture for insulation when nature has given us animals with some of the best insulation material known to man.

Sheep’s wool insulation in your home means you won’t be adjusting your heating thermostat as often due to the wool’s natural heat preservation abilities. Sheep’s wool keeps your home warm during a cold night and cool during a warm day!


Cotton insulation is compounded of old recycled bits of denim from the jean industry, Cotton is one of the most natural and ecofriendly substances on the planet and that is why it is so popular when making clothes and other products. You can buy a roll of cotton insulation from most home improvement stores and you will find it a great alternative to the standard fiberglass.

Cotton does not contain formaldehyde, which most other non-natural insulations do include. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and it’s been proven that it can cause respiratory problems. It is not what you want in your house where you and your family need to be safe and healthy.

Cotton is naturally insect repellant and can be coated to increase its fire resistance. It is also naturally moisture resistant and that causes it to prevent mold and mildew from growing internally. Cotton is one of the very best eco insulations.

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