How to Keep Your Home Cool without Using the AC

During the hot summer months, it can be all too tempting to crank the AC to freezing temperatures. However, using the AC constantly at low temperatures is not only an inefficient use of energy, it is also expensive. While you may find yourself comfortable during the month, the electric bill will not be as comfortable to your bank accounts.

Thankfully, there are plenty of energy efficient ways to keep cool this summer without using the air conditioner.

  1. Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Nowadays, many brand new windows and doors are made with efficiency in mind. Older homes that have the original windows and doors can be drafty, as the window panes are often made of thinner materials, making them less sturdy and more prone to let outside air in.

One of the best ways to keep your home cool is to replace the windows and doors with energy efficient ones, using high quality products.

  1. Blinds

A great trick to keeping your home cool is to keep the blinds closed. In some cases, 30 percent of home heat can happen due to the sun beating in through the windows. While energy efficient windows help keep the flow of air at bay, the blinds can help keep the sunlight itself out. During the afternoons when the sun is streaming in, closing the blinds can help you save nearly 7 percent on utility bills.

  1. Fans

Using fans instead of the air conditioning can help your body feel cooler, as fans provide a nice breeze. A whole house fan system can help lower your electric bill, for fans do not use nearly the same amount of energy as air conditioners. Additionally, ceiling fans should be adjusted during the summertime to rotate counter-clockwise. Fans spinning counter-clockwise can create the feeling of a wind-chill, which can make you feel cooler.

  1. CFL Bulbs

Incandescent lights are horrendously inefficient, as they not only use a lot of energy to power on, but they also emit an extreme amount of heat. In fact, incandescent lights are so incredibly inefficient that some states no longer sell them in their stores. In order to keep your home cool this summer, look to replace your incandescents with CFL bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent lamps.

  1. Grilling

During the summer months, spend as much time as you can grilling your meals. Using your stove and oven release an excessive amount of heat into your home, while grilling outside keeps all of the heat where it belongs.

  1. Trees

Although it can take a while to go into effect, plant trees along the areas of your home that receive the most sun. The trees will help block the sun from reaching the windows, and will actually produce shade to your house.

These six tips can help your house stay nice and cool during the summer without having to crank down the AC.

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