Creative Ways to Make the Garage more Eco-Friendly

Going green is a very important part of a lot of people’s lives today. Everyone wants to do what they can every day to make sure they are protecting their planet. Additionally, everyone wants these changes to be simple and easy to fit into their normal lives.

Going green in the home is a common step many people have already taken, but it is common for people to forget about the garage. The garage can waste a lot of resources every day without a home owner realizing it. Here are some creative ways to make the garage more eco-friendly.

Upgrade from the cement

Cement is the most common material used for garage floors and sometimes walls. It is common because it is a relatively inexpensive and stable material to work with that can handle all of the common happenings of the garage, which include a lot of dirt, grim, heavy materials and other items that are not common in the home. However, to make the space more energy-efficient, upgrade the floors to something better.

Seal it off

Air leaks can be another common issue for the garage. Often, the same care and attention given to sealing cracks in the home is not given to the garage. Try to find any air leaks that may be wasting precious resources and seal them off to have a better garage space instantly. This is a simple change that most home owners can do on their own.

Think about adding a green roof

A ‘green roof’ is a concept that a lot of people love for their homes today. Green roofs are basically waterproof roofs that house a garden or other plants on top of the garage. This not only seals in air and protects the temperature of the space below, but it is also a great way to have a family garden without taking up yard space.

Be smart about lighting

Lighting the garage is often where the most waste is created. A lot of us guys want lighting to be consistent and bright in this space, but this is not always easy to do with natural light alone. Invest in new LED lights that can brighten up the entire space, and use solar panels to power the room after dark.

Recycle old items for storage

There are a lot of little items that may be deemed unworthy for the home. These items may be old, dirty, or just not effective for their traditional use anymore. Anyone can find creative ways to use these items in their garage space for storage. For example, use old shower curtain hooks to hang tools.

Protect the air

The air in the garage can become extremely polluted from the vehicles inside it. It is important to take measures to keep the polluted air from the garage from getting into the home or outside if possible. Install a ventilation system that will filter the air and keep it from moving into the house.

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