How to Save Money On Your Heating Bills For Years To Come

Energy prices, it seems, are rising out of all proportion to our income. Fuel poverty is a term we hear a lot of these days and for good reason; children are sitting in cold homes as their parents are forced to choose between keeping them warm, or well fed.

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It is a truly shocking state of affairs in the sixth richest country in the world when a child cannot live in a warm home. But what can we do about it? How can we keep our homes warm without burning fuel in one way or another. Well, the answer is that most of us can’t, all we can do is try and burn as little as possible to keep the bills down, and our children warm.

If we think of measures for saving energy as part of our renovation projects and home decor upgrades, we can kill two birds with one stone. Maybe when revamping our living room with new curtains and a suite from Multi York, or another online seller, we should consider how sitting on well padded furniture, or buying heavier curtains could make us feel warmer.

Here are some important and proven ways to save energy in the home. Some may cost a lot and some very little. See what you think.

Put a Hat On

Not on your head, on your home. Loft insulation is the most important measure to take. Heat rises and if you don’t stop it, it will continue rising straight through your roof. The loft can be insulated as and when you can afford to do it. Buy thermal insulation rolls a few at a time, and it is surprising how quickly you can complete the job. Even before it is complete, whatever you have put up there so far is working for you.

Double Glazing

New double glazed windows are likely to cost a packet so you may choose to attack your own windows with secondary glazing film, blinds, and thick curtains instead. There is no doubt though, that if you can afford new windows, your home will feel much warmer as the heat cannot escape that way.


Seal any gaps around window frames and doors with either silicone sealer or decorators caulking to cut out those drafts that chill you to the bone. There is something about a draft that is worse than any other kind of cold.

Put a Coat On

Not you, I am referring to your walls. If the cavities on your outside walls are not insulated, much heat is being lost through them. Insulation can be installed easily and is very effective indeed. It will usually take less than a day to complete the process and is not invasive to your home. All of the work is carried out through the exterior walls.

By reading this, you will see that the quest to turn your thermostat down can be achieved by mounting a several pronged attack on your home. It is not always cheap, but these methods are the gift that keeps on giving as they will save money on your heating bills for years to come. Even if you can’t afford to carry them out all at once, start with loft insulation and your thermostat will be able to come down by a degree or two.

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