Gracewell Implements Social Media


Technology connects young and old alike.

Gracewell care homes make a point of celebrating every day as a meaningful contribution to the lives of their residents. They look after the aged and care for those who are no longer able to care for themselves. When times are tough and patience, understanding and perseverance are needed, Gracewell tend to the aged with a loving welcoming and helping hand.

One of many things to celebrate about the award winning line of care homes is that they have just launched an entire platform solely dedicated to social media.

It’s with these newly launched channels that followers and guests will have the advantage of accessing exciting upcoming events and news. Check out their array of news and other goodies to share with family and friends.

Start a conversation and discuss topics like dementia and the qualities of a good carervia your Facebook feed or tweet the latest post from the comfort of your mobile. Whether you’re on TwitterLinkedIn or even checking out what’s news on their YouTube channel, Gracewell is committed to bringing you quality service and sincere care from the very heart of their homes.

Stay informed and stay on the ball with this informative and modern new approach to caring for the elderly.Gain the peace of mind you seek in a care home and engage in topical discussions relating to the brand and what it stands for.

The Green Wonder Eco BlogAnd remember, whenever you’re thinking about mum, dad, gran or gramps or a favourite uncle and aunt, be assured that their news is now your news. Take advantage of this convenient new chapter of Gracewellcare and use it to kick off a lovely conversation the next time you come and visit. This post was brought to you by the Green Wonder!

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