Some Great Decorating Tips on a Tight Budget

Although decorating our homes is an essential task, we are often reluctant to get the ball rolling because we fear it will cost more money than we can afford.  However, we don’t have to think or feel that way.  In the following post we will take a look at some very easy, inexpensive but ultimately very effective tips that will help you to inject a new lease of life into your home.

Use Bookcases to Alter the Appearance of Rooms

Instead of painstakingly wallpapering each and every room in your house, you could make use of bookcases in rooms such as your lounge to inject some freshness into the décor.  If you cover the backs of bookcases in wallpaper, especially one with a subtle but eye catching pattern, you will break up the monotony and rejuvenate any room that has become a bit stale.

Wallpaper Murals

Sticking with wallpaper for the next tip, it feels appropriate to mention something great we found online recently.  The Australian company Pick A Wall manufactures unique and customisable wallpaper.  As well as a catalogue of various stock images to choose for, you can also upload your own photographs to be placed on their wallpaper.  The great thing is that not only can you give rooms in your home a truly unique look; their wallpaper is much easier to hang on the walls than traditional paper.

Repaint the Ceiling

While you probably paint your ceiling every few years, do you always stick to painting it white?  If so, you could really change the look and feel of the rooms in your house by adding a splash of colour to the ceilings.  Colours that are both eye-catching and subtle include grey-blues, lavenders and buttery yellows.

Create a Runner for Your Hallway

Do you have a collection of rag rugs and other rugs that you are not using at the moment?  You could put them to good use and give your hallway a new talking point.  By sewing old rugs together you can recycle the fabric and turn them into really interesting and unique runners for your hallway.  It may even be worth visiting second hand and charity stores to see if you buy any more at very low prices.  Don’t worry if you can’t sew very well or at all, because normally if you contact your nearest dry cleaner or upholsterer they will be able to help you stich the rugs together.

Decorate Taking All Senses into Consideration

It is important when you are decorating to not just focus on pleasing your eyes.  Consider all your senses.  You can use textured paint to cater to your sense of touch; use wind chimes to arouse your sense of hearing and use potpourri, aromatic candles and essential oils to give your sense of smell a real treat.

Obviously, the above list of tips is not in the least bit exhaustive; however, it does serve as an indication of what you can do and the different options open to you when you decide to redecorate your home.

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