Picking Oranges with Finesse

Oranges pack in loads of health benefits. Therefore, encouraging a diet that includes generous portions of it is essential for complete health. Owing to its high fiber content, oranges are ideal for all age groups. And the best way to ensure a continuous supply of fresh fruit is to order them online. And if you happen to chance upon fresh organic Navel oranges, they could be the best bet.

What Lies Underneath the Peel?

Buying your navel oranges from a trusted seller like CaliforniaOranges.com is always a good idea. Online shopping is convenient and the stocks are delivered to your doorstep. However, whether you buy oranges online or pick them by hand from your neighborhood grocer, knowing how to pick the best from the lot is an art that you need to master. We provide some helpful insights about picking these oranges right.

What are the Aspects to delve upon when Picking Oranges?

  • Checking the Weight is Important: Remember, when you are buying Navel oranges, checking on the weight is an easy yet effective way to check on their quality. The oranges should be as heavy as they appear. When you take them in your hands, they should be appearing heavier than what they look. If they appear big yet light, it indicates that the fruit might have dried up inside. Lighter oranges may not be sweet as well! If you have ordered them online, consider enquiring about their weight beforehand and check on them once they arrive.
  • The Scent is a Hint: Well, smelling the oranges at the navel point is an easy way to check on their quality. Stale oranges will set off a musky odor. You need ones that give off a fresh orange like whiff, we are all familiar with. Of course when you order oranges online, smelling them ahead of your purchase would not be possible. This is why you need to source them from trusted online merchants who offer only fresh products.
  • The Color could Tell All: The best quality oranges are uniform in color. So, never consider buying ones that have white patches on them. These could be mould infested. Bright colored shiny oranges are the best picks. Remember, oranges provide essential nutrition for growing children. And, attractive looking fruits are bound to find more takers, especially with youngsters.

Storing Oranges

If you are planning to store oranges for a couple weeks, the best way is to refrigerate them in large plastic bags. However, if you are planning to keep them beyond a couple of weeks, you need to take extra efforts for keeping the moisture out. Consider wrapping each orange in a paper towel in order to keep them dry. This will ensure freshness for longer. The only way to preserve then longer is to keep them in the freezer.

Make sure you bring oranges to room temperature before consuming them. Orange juice is an excellent beverage for summer months. So encourage your kids to kick the cola and embrace the goodness of natural fruit juices.

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