Successful Sofa Hunting: Tips on Choosing The Right Sofa

Image by: Bianca Nogrady

You have just finished decorating your living room. The wallpaper you have chosen complements the décor and ambience of your home perfectly. However there is still a blank spot in front of your TV where spectators have nowhere to sit. Or maybe you have just had enough of your old sofa; it’s worn and torn so the whole room looks messy because of it. So, it’s that time again; a new sofa is called for!

However, there are several things you should consider to ensure you don’t have to deal with the hassle of ordering a sofa then having to return it because it doesn’t suit what you had in mind or doesn’t fit well with your room.

Here are some good things to think of when you are buying sofas:

  • Before you hit the shops, plan! Buying new furniture can be exciting and sometimes we just want to go and see what’s out there instead of spending time indoors planning. Doing a floor plan of the room where the sofa is going to go can help you get a good idea of what to look for in terms of style and size. Looking at factors such as where the windows and doors are, even the direction the doors open will help you get a good idea of which sofa shapes will fit in well with your room.
  • Don’t go for the first thing you see. Sometimes, you can see a sofa and fall head over heels. Don’t get caught up just yet! The store may offer the sofa in other designs, patterns and colours. If you want different slip covers or upholstery, ask the store and see what they have.
  • Think about its practicality. Remember that buying sofas made from 100% cotton will fade much quicker and lose their original appeal. When buying sofas, you should look for designs with materials that are a combination of acrylic, polyester, and cotton.

Also, think about what’s on the inside too. Is there are cushion or spring design? How dense is the foam within it? These are all good things to weigh in when looking for a new sofa.

  • Don’t always be too concerned with the price. There are plenty of marketing pitches just waiting for you at the nearest sofa store. But, furniture is one of those things where you will want to invest in a little bit more since they will pay off in the long run anyway. Just because it is marked down and promised to be of good value, doesn’t necessarily mean it will stand the test of time and, before you know, you might have to go sofa shopping again.
  • Think of colour! Another mistake people often make is not giving much thought on the colour. In a showroom, bright colours or funky designs don’t look too overpowering. However, in your home this might be another story. Even on the internet, the colours you see will most likely be different in reality. So, you can always request a swatch to be delivered by the company and they will happily provide you with one. This way you can ensure that what you get is exactly what you had in mind.
  • Forget the hype. What is popular and ‘in’ this month will probably be ‘out’ of style next month. Try not to get too caught up with the trends as you don’t want to buy anything you will get bored of or regret later on. Instead, choose something timeless that fits in with the décor of your home and you can’t go wrong!

Remembering these tips will help you get the most from your buy. Sofas are big ticket items that are worth spending some time considering before making a purchase. By taking these points on board, you will be able to avoid the most common mistakes people make when buying a new sofa. Choose one that won’t only last for Christmas but for years to come!