4 Things to Consider When Selecting Trees For Your Garden

Trees can be a fun way of making your home and garden look fantastic. There are some simple things, however, that you need to consider when it comes to making your home look fabulous. Trees can be an elegant touch. They are excellent for landscaped gardens. But, it is also important that you select the right trees that are suited for your home and lawn. That way, they can thrive in your garden.

  1.    Consider the Soil

A quick PH test will determine the levels of alkaline and acidity in your garden. When you have determined what soil your garden has, you can select the right trees to make your garden have masses of appeal. Alkaline soils can be hard. So, you will need a durable tree like a fir to ensure that it grows. Acidic soils can be an excellent for any kind of tree as they have moisture holding organic matter. Wet soil is perfect for maples and cypress. So, check the quality of your soil and ensure that your garden comes alive.

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  1.    Ornamental Trees: Considering Your Gardens Size

Japanese maples have been used as ornamental trees for a number of years. The bright, vibrant red tones of the leaf and the unusual shapes of the trunk can add a serious touch of elegance to your lawn. But, you need to ensure that you have the space for them to grow. These are best suited for large gardens. Callery pears, however, are small and lovely. They grow quickly and are covered in tiny, white buds. They are perfect for any vintage themed garden. But, they small and perfectly formed. So, if your garden is lacking space, these can be a perfect yet beautiful adornment.

  1.    Planting Your Tree

When you are planting your tree, you need to ensure that you are maiming the trees life. Cool, cloudy days are best for the planting of trees. If the trees are small saplings, you may need to start their life in a pretty, colourful planter. Make sure that you are planting trees in a protected spot away from squirrels and other pests. Always keep the roots moist and water as necessary. More importantly, make sure that you cover the hole with soil when you have planted your tree. Never tap the ground with your foot as this can damage the growth of the tree. After all, you want to have a fine adornment to your garden, not a broken tree.

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  1.    Think About Your Gardens Theme

Thinking about your gardens theme is important. You may want to accessorise your tree to make your exterior stand out. It’s vital that you consider how you will use the tree before you select one. Some trees have slender branches that will not hold the weight of lanterns and lights. So, think before you buy and only decorate where you can.

Trees can make a beautiful adornment to any garden. They can transform a dull space into a thing of beauty. What trees will you add to your garden?