Turn Your Council Flat Into A Swish Apartment With These Stunning Features

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Just because you live in a high-rise council flat doesn’t mean you should accept anything less than the best from the interior design. Not that there is anything wrong with council flats; many of them are close to town centres and have become prime pieces of real estate. Lots of them are now in private ownership and are more valuable than you think. A small flat close to the city centre can be worth more than a three bedroom house in the suburbs. Here are some ideas to turn your home into a modern, swish apartment.

Quality Flooring

For the best floor, use quality hardwood. The timber comes from sustainable sources, and the company will plant at least one sapling, usually more, for every tree they cut down. The product does not cost the planet, so your conscience should be clear. It is easy to install. The boards click together, just like laminate flooring. You do not need to glue them, and the only tools you require are a hand saw, chisel, coping saw and hammer. Put a layer of thermal insulation down first, which will also reduce the noise to the flat below.

Decoration Technique

Use a roller to paint the walls. You might have seen much about the benefits of paint pads, but you need to practice using them correctly. Anyone can use a roller without previous experience. They give you a top-quality finish too.

Most people make a feature out of one wall with some modern wallpaper. I cannot advise you about the pattern other than to say that natural images don’t work. Avoid plants and leaves at all costs and choose geometric shapes instead.

Make A Feature Out Of The Lighting

The lighting plays an important part in any interior design. Make the most of it by installing LED lights in the ceiling and other fittings under shelves, in cabinets, and in alcoves. Your apartment probably has a concrete ceiling, but you can install a false one and used recessed lights. It will mean that you lose about fifteen centimetres of headroom, but that might be unnoticeable.

Furniture Matters

Remove all of your old chain store furniture and replace it with some exclusive items instead. One or two pieces of Mayan Walnut home furniture will speak volumes about your eye for detail. Perhaps you have a tiny living room. Like the flooring, most manufacturers use timber from sustainable sources. There are companies that will make a sofa to your specifications. Look for them online. A bespoke settee will cost more than a standard one, but it is worth the expense.


Because you are in a tower block, your apartment probably has no chimney, so a gas fire is out of the question. There are some electric heaters that give an ultra-realistic flame effect. In essence, they are plasma televisions that play a recording of a real fire. The advantage is that you can have a coal fire one day, and a log fire the next. They are expensive but will enhance the ambiance in your room.

Help yourself to any of my ideas and transform your apartment today. It could improve your quality of life too because it will give you a positive and modern outlook. I’m sure you will agree; that has to be for the best.

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