Take a Walk on the Vegan Side

The negative effects on the planet by humans can be measured in all kinds of ways, and if there’s one area that’s been highlighted a fair bit in recent years its food consumption and more importantly, what we eat. Meat eating is regarded as the second largest threat to the Earth and the damage it causes before it even reaches your plate isn’t something that should be overlooked. Blackleaf.com shows you how making one small lifestyle change can have a big impact on you and your planet.

Demand for meat is growing and with it comes land being cleared to raise cattle, further land being cleared to grow crops to feed said cattle and then the energy used to slaughter and prepare the meat for consumption. But while one person taking on the meat industry won’t make a huge impact, millions of vegans refuse to eat meat and any other animal product in a bid to not only lead a more ethical life but to stand up against the industry. Veganism spreads further though and this growing lifestyle choice has seen clothing and footwear companies alter their ways to appeal to a wider audience. But as more and more people become aware of the environmental practices involved in manufacturing clothing and footwear and realising that their favourite gear is actually damaging the planet, they are making the choice to opt for a greener option.

Fashion clothing on the high street may be cheap and accessible but it’s also poor quality, disposable and just adds to the problem of growing waste from humans. But quality aside, one of the most dangerous processes of clothing production is in the inks and dyes used and the chemicals that are finding their way into the environment and making their effects known. In recent years as a response to the concerns that people have, new manufacturers with ethical and eco friendly methods of producing their clothing have emerged. Not only are their clothes good looking and of high quality but they are also created in a way that has minimal or no damage to the environment. Brands such a Rapanui, who ensure that all of their products are ethically sourced and spread a message of sensible manufacturing and purchasing to others, are just one of the many now proving popular in the fashion community. They’re also leading the way for others to follow in their footsteps by adjusting their practices and shifting to something a little less harmful on the environment. You’ll now find that a large number of manufacturers are adjusting their ways and making a point of it in their advertising and labelling which is fantastic for the planet.

But it’s not just your t-shirt that’s potentially damaging the planet; your footprint is making an impact too – quite literally. Your footwear could also be a big contender for fashion disaster of the decade thanks to the various different materials that go into it, many trainers, shoes and boots are manufactured from leather and without knowing you could have a wardrobe full of them but non-animal fabrics are also guilty as the process of making it uses up a huge deal of energy too. Rubber soles are not always sourced sustainably or ethically and as for stitching the product together there’s no telling in some cases exactly who had to hand-sew the fabrics, in what kind of conditions or how little they were paid for it. Changing your footwear can be a big change for the planet and brands such as Macbeth and Sanuk are leading the way for fashionable manufacturers to join in the shoe revolution. Sanuk in particular are proud to use recycled fabrics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill, and not just find a use for them but craft them into some fantastic and incredibly comfortable products. Macbeth is hailed by the extreme sports and alternative scenes as the brand that’s all about vegan values and is a popular label among sportsmen and women, musicians and artists alike.

Going vegan is more than just a choice about what you eat; it’s a lifestyle decision that can have a great impact on your health and your conscience too. And in time as more and more people make lifestyle changes then we could also start to witness the positive effects it can have on our planet too.

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