Top Reasons You Should Always Recycle Cardboard

Cardboard is one of the best materials humans have ever created. It has so many uses that most people take it for granted. However, we’re experiencing a lot of issues recently thanks to a lack of enthusiasm for recycling boxes and other products made from this durance material. With that in mind, this short post will highlight some of the main reasons you should always put your cardboard in the right bin when throwing it out.

Fewer trees used

To make a ton of cardboard boxes, it requires the use of seven-thousand gallons of water. We also use seventy-nine gallons of oil, forty-two thousand kilowatts of energy and around seventeen trees. As we’re sure you will agree, that makes a huge impact on the environment. We should be aiming to reduce the amount of trees cut down each and every year, which is why recycling is the best solution.

Less energy used

While we still need to use a lot of energy to recycle this material, it’s around twenty-five percent less than we would use to create new products. That means there is less strain on the environment, and fewer barrels of oil are used.

Less waste

Humans have always been wasteful people, so it should come as no surprise to you that over twenty-million tons of cardboard boxes are discarded each year. Those that end up in landfill sites get buried along with all the other rubbish. However, that is not an effective means of disposing of these products. It makes much more sense to recycle.

Now you know about the mains reasons you should recycle cardboard boxes, we expect to see you making a special effort to help out in the future.

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