What Can You Do With Bamboo?

Bamboo has grown in popularity over the last few years and all credit for that is down to its efficiency.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that removes CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to stabilise the earth. What’s more, Bamboo is grown without pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals which means it is extremely eco-friendly.

Bamboo isn’t just easy on the planet but it can be made into a whole host of different items that we can use in our day-to-day lives, and some of those we will feature here:


In Canada, beer made from bamboo has grown to be extremely popular. So, if you like a beer now and then, you can feel happy knowing that each beer is helping to contribute to a more sustainable planet. But, drink with responsibility of course.


With more and more retailers looking to move away from the plastic bag, many are hoping their customers will start turning towards bamboo bags as their preference of choice when coming into their stores to buy their new clothes or groceries.


Ways to get from A to B as sustainably as possible are always making the big news and bike frames made from bamboo are becoming more and more popular too. There have been tons of new bike routes created for cyclists and many of them are turning towards bamboo-framed bikes.


British people love tea. In fact, many Brits drink it in copious amounts so learning of tea made from bamboo could be one for the eco-tea drinker. Bamboo leaves are known to taste lovely and come with a number of health-related benefits.

So, there we have it – for a sustainable planet, opt for more things made from bamboo.

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