Green Travel tips to commute in Acton and London

London is full of convenient means of public transport that can help tourists get to the various attractions easily. By staying at a hotel close to North Acton, you can gain quick and efficient access to all of London’s tourist spots. You can visit Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Big Ben and other destinations by travelling on the tube, the Heathrow Express, buses, black cabs, etc. Travelling around London is not an expensive affair, since the tube and bus tickets are very reasonable. You can also easily visit the neighboring areas of Hammersmith, Twickenham, Ealing, Wembley, Shepherds Bush, Marble Arch, etc, when you stay at a budget hotel in Acton.

Top Ways to Commute in Acton and London

Here are the top public transport facilities for tourists to make their way around London. Make sure to choose a renowned budget hotel in Acton, to minimize costs.

  • Trains: London is well linked through the London Underground. Popularly called the tube, it transports more than a billion passengers every year. The tube connects central London to the various surrounding suburbs. You can get a7-day Oyster Card if you are on a long holiday and plan to primarily commute via the tube. The cards are divided according to different zones that determine where you travel. By staying near Queen Charlotte Hospital, close to Acton, you can conveniently travel to central London on the tube. It will take you around 10 minutes to reach central London, from where you can walk to some of the popular tourist spots or hop on to the airport line.
  • Cabs: The famous London black cabs can be found running on the roads at almost all times of the day. If your holiday requires a lot of travelling late in the night, no option is better than hiring a cab. These shiny black cars with orange glowing lights are abundant around Acton tube station. If you are leaving a pub late at night, you can simply whistle for a cab. Cabs involve no drunken revelers, unlike the night bus and no chilly walks at night either. You can sit back, do what you want and pay the cabbie when he drops you at the front porch of your hotel.
  • Airport Travel: If you want to reach the airport, you have various travel options too. Heathrow offers taxi services to and from the airport, while the Heathrow Express runs between the airport and Paddington Station. You can choose to stay close to North Acton, from where you can board the Heathrow Express directly for the airport. Gatwick and Victoria are two stations that fall on the way to the airport. It may take you a little more time on the train but it is the most cost effective option available.
  • Bus: On an average, there are 7,500 buses operating on the roads of London, linking more than 19,000 stops. This is the only option that is cheaper than the tube and Heathrow Express. The traditional red buses allow you to enjoy the London scenery and architecture during your commute. They work late into the night, unlike any other type of public conveyance.

It is a good idea to stay at a hotel close to North Acton for access to all types of transport in London.

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