8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Footwear

Health and safety seems to be touted around a lot these days, and while it is undeniably important to be safe and sound when at work or doing some DIY or gardening at home; many rules can seem more restrictive than anything else.  Perhaps you find it a bit of a hassle having to buy special footwear or other clothing from a site like RSEA.  However, as you will see below, there are some good reasons why you should purchase and wear safety clothes such as steel toed boots.

It May Be a Requirement

According to the official bodies that specify rules and regulations for the company you are working for, it could be compulsory to wear the correct footwear or clothing.  In many manual labour sectors, for instance, steel toed boots and other protective clothing are necessary to protect you from injury and accidents.

Foot Injuries Are Particularly Common At Work

There is always a rhyme and reason to rules and regulations and foot injuries, particularly on building sites, construction projects and many other industries are very common.  These can just be simple falls that cause strains and bruises or can be much more serious like lacerations, punctures and broken bones.

Many can Withstand High Levels of Pressure

A large number of the commercially available steel toe cap boots can withstand up to an including 75 lbs. of falling pressure from objects dropped as high up as 3 yards.

They are Comfortable

Although they might not seem as snug as your favourite trainers or slippers, they can still be comfortable while providing the same level of safety that you would expect.  Handy tips for ensuring the boots you buy will provide the right amount of comfort and safety are choose socks that should be paired with steel toe boot, make sure the boots are long enough to go over your ankles and make sure of course, that they fit you properly.

They Prevent Different Injuries (Not just those caused by falling objects)

For instance, they can help prevent injuries caused by punctures, burns, cuts, lacerations, falls and slips.  A sturdy, well-made pair of safety shoe will always make it harder for you to injure yourself, regardless of whether you are working on a building site or just in the garden.

They Can Alleviate Discomfort

No-one likes to stand up for too long, particularly on hard surfaces and floors.  For some jobs however, this is just part of the daily routine. This is another situation and reason why safety footwear is important and necessary as they provide you with extra support and comfort when you have to be on your feet for prolonged lengths of time.

They Can Be Fashionable

While in the past, it is true that work boots had a particularly unattractive look that was nothing to write home about.  Nowadays though, safety footwear is often just as fashionable as it is protective.

Most Importantly – They Are Worth It

As is the case with any form of protective clothing or equipment that has a proven track record of preventing accidents or injuries, safety footwear is worth investing in. And after you’re done at work for the day, be sure to take a little time for yourself to relax and unwind!

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